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Thread: Donald Trump's Perfect Storm Is About To Take Remaining States

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    Donald Trump's Perfect Storm Is About To Take Remaining States

    Donald Trump's Perfect Storm Is About To Take Remaining States

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Less Immigration PAC

    May 3, 2016

    With GOP primary voters casting ballots in the critical state of Indiana today, more information is emerging that Donald Trump has just experienced another surge that is likely to allow him to run the table on the remaining states!

    The most recent polls conducted in Indiana show Trump has quickly risen to double digit leads there over Ted Cruz and John Kasich. A new Rasmussen poll shows Trump beating Hillary by 2%, and an NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll released today shows Trump rising to a new national high with 56% support! In California, the polls show that Trump is headed for a historic sweep of the state!

    The big secret to Donald Trump is that he gets stronger and more powerful when people, media outlets, or other candidates attack him in unfair ways. Trump supporters, and American citizens in general, have a huge regard for fairness, and from the abuses of Megyn Kelly and Fox News to the daily smears launched at Trump by AOL, MSN, CBS, Huffington Post, Washington Post, etc., each attack strengthens Trump because Trump's supporters like him because of his enemies!

    3 Major Factors Behind Recent Trump Surge

    First, the reports of collusion between the campaigns of Ted Cruz and John Kasich to intentionally deprive Trump of the delegates he needs to avoid a contested or brokered convention left a bad taste in the mouths of many voters who felt the move was slimy, underhanded, and reminiscent of the same foul odor coming out of DC these days. The Cruz & Kasich alliance was a big mistake and Ted Cruz tried to run from the deal, but the damage was done.

    Second, the choice of GOP Primary loser Carly Fiorina was a huge mistake. Cruz was delusional to believe that Fiorina could carry California for his campaign after her abysmal primary performance and the fact that Barbara Boxer beat Fiorina by a 10% landslide in 2010! A Morning Consult poll released today shows that 22% of voters are less likely to vote for Cruz because he picked Fiorina while only 18% or more likely to vote for him with 39% of voters viewing her unfavorably with only 25% favorable! Surely the Cruz campaign should have either known this or run their own poll before making the big mistake of joining forces with Fiorina. But to seal the bad deal, the recent video of Ted Cruz watching his female running mate fall off a stage while he continues to shake hands with a fake smile and not even flinch in the direction of her fall to aid her is very telling. (click to watch)

    In my home state of North Carolina, a woman falling off a stage in front of a crowd will result in people rushing forward to help. On the Ted Cruz campaign, the candidate pretends to not see the lady fall! As Fiornia falls, so do Ted Cruz's poll numbers!

    Videos if Illegal Alien Mob Attacks Backfire on Invasion Lobby

    The final and most important factor in Trump's final surge to win the GOP nomination comes from the illegal alien, Mexican flag waving, American flag burning, police car destroying, and Trump supporter assaulting mobs in California!

    Many years ago, before the California illegal immigration protest groups like Save Our State fell silent, ALIPAC helped circulate many videos that showed Americans a glimpse of the true nature of the well organized and funded illegal immigration invasion and overthrow of America. Videos of American defenders under assault from angry mobs in Baldwin Park CA (click to view), Brown Berets (The Tan Klan) screaming, "Whites don't belong in America!" (click to view), and the illuminating anti-illegal immigration marches organized by Ted Hayes in Lost Angeles (click for parts 1-4) showed Americans the real violence and hatred behind the illegal immigration invasion of our nation.

    Before the Trump campaign brought Americans a new chance to see the true nature of what illegal immigration is doing to states like California, many of our past activists there have told us they cannot continue to protest on open streets of California because the risk to their lives and limbs from illegals is now too great! American freedoms have fallen silent in places like Lost Angeles!

    Now, there has been a major shift of voters in the GOP primary away from both Ted Cruz and John Kasich to Donald Trump in reaction to the pictures, videos, and reports coming out of California showing the reaction of illegal aliens and their supporters to their first contact with the Trump campaign.

    The video of large mobs wielding Mexican flags taking over streets and intersections (click to view), videos of the mob destroying police cars, the video of anti-Trump protesters burning American flags (click to view), and pictures of Trump supporters covered in blood have had a profound impact on this race. Special thanks need to go to for their efforts to compile, release, and preserve these new videos.

    Even the pro invasion Los Angeles Times shudders in fear that the illegal alien mobs in the street with Mexican flags are creating a backlash that favors Trump!

    New Level Of Leftist Aggression

    Not only has the left's anti-Trump protesters drawn first blood in what is gearing up to be an unprecedented election season of violence, but the videos of small children being maced and American flags being burned have awakened the sleeping giant in America!

    These protests being captured on video and being circulated online and in social media have allowed millions of Americans to see and experience the true destructive nature of the illegal immigration invasion of America for the first time!

    These images of blood, burning flags, and injured Trump supporters and children have permanently shifted the consciousness of Americans on the topic of illegal immigration!

    Even today, as this article is read and shared through ALIPAC's networks of more than 50,000 e-mail alert recipients and more than 600,000 people on social media pages, the Trump surge continues to build and the illegal immigration invasion of America moves closer to the big push-back that is coming.

    Donald Trump has placed the grieving families that have lost loved ones due to our government's incredible failures to protect the property and lives of our citizens with our existing border and immigration laws center stage in his campaign.

    In doing so, Trump has singlehandedly broken through the incredible censorship and bias in the media that has concealed these mass atrocities being committed against thousands of innocent and unsuspecting US citizens each year!

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

    A new form of libertarian nationalism is rising in the hearts of Americans looking for a powerful answer that can save our nation, and that power is now in control of the 2016 election cycle. So all you traitors out there that have been supporting licenses, in-state tuition benefits, and amnesty for illegal aliens be warned!

    And all you flag burning socialist thugs in the streets, your free speech is not protected in this matter because you are not burning our American flag to protest specific US policies. You are burning our flag as an act of war because your leaders clearly state in videos like this one (click to view) that you seek the destruction of our nation and that makes your flag burning an act of domestic enemies and terrorists, not Americans expressing opinions against policies!

    Donald Trump is about to run the tables on the remaining states and then go on to run over Hillary Clinton like a runaway train - the Trump Train! There are three choices, get on board, get out of the way, or get run over!
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    Wow! You captured the picture perfectly. Imagine how high Trumps kite is going to fly when he has the wind to his back. He has had to battle every week of this campaign against a multitude of headwinds, half of which came from his own party. Nice article W!

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    Thanks Joe S I appreciate the support and encouragement. I hope you will share this article with others any way you can.

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