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    In the past, he's been on the compromise team.

    Cornyn was a member of Bush's Amnesty Team

    Republican Sens. John Cornyn, Bill Frist, Lindsey Graham, Judd Gregg, Jon Kyl, Chuck Hagel, Mel Martinez, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Arlen Specter (Now a Dem.)

    Democratic Sens. Harry Reid, Richard J. Durbin, Edward M. Kennedy, Patrick J. Leahy, Joe Lieberman, Robert Menendez, Barack Obama and Ken Salazar.

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    I just called Cornyn's officer personally.

    I said I was calling to express my concerns over Senator Cornyn supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

    The young lady that answered said that Senator Cornyn did not support any form of Amnesty.

    I explained that the word Amnesty was in contention and that I felt that offering illegal aliens any path to citizenship was a form of Amnesty.

    She replied that "Senator Cornyn does not support any citizenship for illegal aliens."

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    If you call his washington office and it is busy hang up and redial until they answer .
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    I dialed and dialed - both Washington and Dallas offices. Got continuous busy signals. The phone lines are HOT today! I finally got into the Washingon office.

    I told the staffer who answered that I lived in Texas and had heard that Senator Cornyn was considering moving his vote on the health care bill (which also would affect the illegal immigration bill) to the 'yes' side.

    She answered that "ALIPAC had put that out in the last day or two but that it wasn't true and he is against the health care bill".

    I mentioned that I live in Texas and told her that I certainly hoped it wasn't true but that IF HE DID switch to vote the President's way I would certainly never vote for him again and would do all I could to see that he is never re-elected.

    She asked for my zip code which I gave her and thanked her as she was thanking me for calling.

    I followed it up with an email stating our (husband and mine's) very strong feelings regarding the health bill as well as illegal immigration (basically what I had told his staffer).

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    Copy of email to Sen. Dornyn

    I've heard that Senator Cornyn supports AMNESTY for ILLEGAL aliens and that President Obama and Senators McCain and Graham want him to sign the new Amnesty bill with Senator Schumer. Please let Senator Cornyn know that if he signs any legislation legalizing illegal aliens that I will dedicate my time, money, and connections to Texas voters to removing him from the GOP and the US Senate as soon as possible. I am presently doing so with turncoat Senator Graham in my home state of South Carolina! Tell Senator Cornyn I am very disappointed to hear that Obama thinks he is willing to support Amnesty for ILLEGALS. What is it about ILLEGAL that so many in Congress don't seem to understand? And if we could get rid of ALL of the ILLEGALS, we could put millions of Americans (natural-born & legal immigrants) back to work!

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    thanks for sharing this information

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