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Thread: Emergency Poll of ALIPAC Supporters: We need your input fast

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    Emergency Poll of ALIPAC Supporters: We need your input fast

    Please quickly reply to our 3-question survey then share this poll with others by e-mail or by social media on (Facebook HERE) ... (Twitter HERE) ... (GAB HERE) ... (LinkedIN HERE)

    ALIPAC Supporters,

    Starting tomorrow, the illegal alien support groups will engage in an all-out effort to pass Amnesty in Washington, DC, in December of 2017. They know that most Americans oppose Amnesty as we do, and once the 2018 election cycle takes hold in January, their legislation will not move forward during the primary season!


    #1: The Democrats in DC want DACA Amnesty placed into the omnibus spending bill that must pass by Dec 9 to avoid a government shutdown. ALIPAC has lobbied to prevent Amnesty from being put into the funding bill. If the Democrats get DACA Amnesty into the funding bill, do you feel we should oppose the bill even if it means the federal government begins to shut down?

    A. Yes, ALIPAC should support a shut down if Amnesty is in the bill.
    B. No, do not shut down the federal government to stop amnesty for illegals.

    #2 Republicans are eager to pass a "Tax Reform" bill and a budget bill to keep the government from shutting down. Should ALIPAC demand that stopping billions in Earned Income Tax Credit payments to illegal aliens and rampant welfare fraud by illegals be included in either or both bills? Shouldn't the IRS be required to start informing Americans who are the victims of identity theft by illegals as part of any tax reforms or budget bills?

    A. Yes, ALIPAC should demand Tax Reform include more protections for American taxpayers from illegals.
    B. No, do not engage on the tax bill or budget bill.

    #3 One of the things ALIPAC could do to help stop Amnesty 2017 would be to mail letters to all Republicans in Congress stating our positions and providing them with copies of our 2018 federal candidate survey (View). This would cost us more than $500 in additional funds on top of our base budget operations that are currently at -$11,365 for 2017 with time rapidly running out on us to meet these payments. Can ALIPAC count on you to donate before our funding deadline of Midnight Nov. 30 so we can afford to take extra steps to fight Amnesty this year?

    A. No, I do not plan to fund ALIPAC's operations or letters to DC.
    B. Yes, I will help ALIPAC before the deadline and donate via

    Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with us. Hearing from you helps us serve you better in the fight to stop and reverse illegal immigration in America.

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team
    (919) 787-6009

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    My answers A, A, B. Have to wait until payday to make another donation
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