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Thread: Funds Drive Progress & Deadline of Nov 14

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    Funds Drive Progress & Deadline of Nov 14

    Please DONATE HERE
    then share this call for help by email and text message at (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (INSTAGRAM HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (PARLER HERE) .. (LINKED HERE) .. (MINDS HERE) .. (SLUG HERE) .. (BRIGHTEON HERE) .. (MEWE HERE) .. (CLOUTHUB HERE) .. (CHATDIT HERE) .. (GETTER HERE)

    We are so thankful to those of you who have contributed to help our national organization fight back against illegal immigration and Amnesty in 2021. We still have a long way to go to reach our goal by the deadline of Nov. 14. If you support our intense battle to stop the Democrats and sellout Republicans from breaking Senate rules to get nation-destroying Amnesty legislation to Biden's desk, please support us at...

    Together we have faced new and unprecedented challenges. We are glad to say that ALIPAC is starting to grow again despite new and more substantial levels of censorship and shadowbanning by big Tech oligarchs and their allied Soros groups! Your donations help us reach other Americans who want our border secured and help us mobilize them Against Amnesty. Please take action today to sustain and strengthen our efforts at...

    We hope you are pleased with the success and influence of our recent targeted online ads campaign putting pressure on the weak links on their Amnesty house of cards. (Review Update)

    For those who are new to our email alerts, we conduct three funds drives per year to fund ALIPAC's national operations. While nobody likes raising money, it is something all successful national organizations must do.

    Our third and final funds drive of 2021 has raised $7,532 of the $20,000 we must raise by our deadline of Sunday, November 14. Help us get our progress bar above 10k soon at...

    Our mailer is going out into the reduced-speed snail mail system managed by the United States Postal Service this week, so we need a strong batch of donations to pay for the printing and postage to reach our prior donors.

    Please take the time to contribute $10 or more when you read this, then share our call for aid by email, text message, or social media.

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Volunteer Team

    PS: If you prefer to contribute by mail, please send your support to ALIPAC PO Box 30966 Raleigh, NC 27622
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    This is an extremely noble cause. If we all give what we can, it will add up to a large sum.
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