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Thread: Gang of Eight Amnesty Backer Marco Rubio For VP?

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    Gang of Eight Amnesty Backer Marco Rubio For VP?

    Gang of Eight Amnesty Backer Marco Rubio For VP?

    Trump Risks Losing Same Voters That Cost Him 2020 Race

    "Trump will alienate many of the same voters he broke faith with before losing in 2020 again if he picks notorious Gang of Eight mass Amnesty for illegals supporter Senator Marco Rubio for his Vice President. America needs mass deportations, not Rubio's Amnesty."

    For National Release | July 10, 2024

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    Americans For Legal Immigration PAC ( is warning that if Donald Trump picks notorious mass Amnesty Gang of Eight RINO Senator Marco Rubio for his Vice President, he will lose momentum and push away the same large group of voters his immigration stance reversals pushed away to lose his race in 2020.

    Donald Trump surprisingly won in 2016 mostly due to his tough stances against illegal immigration, promising American voters he would build a border wall, deport illegals, and end Obama's unconstitutional DACA Amnesty on his first day in office.

    Trump campaigned with the on-stage support of Angel Families who lost loved ones to illegal alien criminals and had the backing of top nationally known leaders against illegal immigration like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Senator Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, and Rep. Steve King!

    But instead, once elected, Trump continued Obama's DACA Amnesty, deported fewer illegals than Obama, and never finished "the wall."

    Then Trump's amnesty-backing son-in-law Jared Kushner was dispatched to cut a deal with Democrats on mass Amnesty and citizenship for millions of illegal aliens, alienating many essential voters and costing him reelection in 2020! At the time, GOP Governor of Florida Ron Desantis opposed Trump's plans to give Amnesty to millions of illegals.

    Now in his 2024 campaign for President, the Angel Families are overtly missing from his campaign, as are border hawks Joe Arpaio, Jeff Sessions, Steve King, Kris Kobach, and Steve Bannon, while Biden has flooded America with millions of new illegals who face no significant safeguards to prevent them from voting for Democrats no matter how unpopular or incompetent Joe Biden becomes.

    Prior to the Biden Debate Disaster (BDD), Trump shot into the lead in the Presidential race, including strong showings among black and Hispanic voters after promising...

    "We will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history." Donald Trump, March 2024 (Source).

    This promise, which may be broken like the promises to lock up Hillary Clinton and end DACA Amnesty, has encouraged many of the voters Trump lost by supporting Amnesty as President to return to his campaign for 2024.

    Now, Trump is promoting notorious mass Amnesty supporting Gang of Eight member Senator Marco Rubio as his likely pick for Vice President which contradicts all his tough talk about illegal immigration.

    "Trump will alienate many of the same voters he broke faith with on immigration issues before losing in 2020 again if he picks notorious Gang of Eight mass Amnesty for illegals supporter Senator Marco Rubio for his Vice President," said William Gheen of "Americans remember Rubio standing and voting with RINO Lindsey Graham and Democrats Chuck Schumer, Bob Menendez, Michael Bennet, and Dick Durbin to pass Amnesty bill S. 744 in June of 2013. Most American voters oppose sending any supporter of Amnesty, like Rubio, into the White House. Rubio's Amnesty bill would have already turned millions of illegals into legal US Voters by now."

    ALIPAC successfully fought to stop Rubio's S. 744 Gang of Eight Amnesty bill in the US House and will continue to oppose Republicans like him who seek to help Democrats give millions of illegal alien invaders a path to citizenship, Amnesty, and voting rights.

    For more information on the Gang of Eight, S. 744, and Amnesty champion Senator Marco Rubio, who may become Vice President if picked by Trump, please click on the blue links or visit

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    Rubio is a two-faced liar and a deep state RINO. I do not trust him in any capacity.

    Picking Pence was a sell-out. Pandering to the Evangelical vote.

    Now Rubio, pandering to the minority vote and Hispanic vote. I am sick of this! And we do not need 8 years of a Rubio presidency.

    And "Ms. Dignity Act" was at the rally...Maria Salazar...NO!!!! There is NO DIGNITY in awarding any illegal alien to stay here lady.

    No Amnesty #8. No path to stay. No dignity act. No DACA. No anchor baby!

    President Trump is making a big mistake talking this guy up at that recent debate!

    I am liking Glen Younkin of VA as a VP pick at this point. And we need VA to win.

    Somebody had better inform Trump...NO RUBIO!!! So, knock it off!

    And green cards for foreign college students. Shut the heck up about immigration. We want them all deported with UACs, and we want all immigration cut in half and these departments gutted and defunded.


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    Noted this post in the Kelleigh Nelson NEW post today: "Alipac just Released the following on Trump's potential VP pic ..."

    Listen to Kelleigh Nelson on Rense July 9, 2024 talking about 2024 Election manipulations and Trump's potential VP pic!

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    Listen to William Gheen on Rense July 10, 2024 talking about the good news winning the SAVE Act vote this week, 2024 Election manipulations, and Trump's potential VP pic!

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