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    Giving Tuesday & The National Fight Against illegal immigration

    Today is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which is also known as "Giving Tuesday."

    It is a day that Americans are encouraged to donate to charities and non-profit organizations that engage in issues you support.

    ALIPAC is a type of non-profit, but unfortunately, contributions to us are not tax-deductible. We are what is called a 527 (PAC) corporation regulated by the Federal Elections Commission (

    To aid ALIPAC's national battle against illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, and Amnesty legislation on this Giving Tuesday 2019, please visit our secure donations page...

    Contributing to ALIPAC is the same as donating to a candidate for President, Congress, or US Senate. While we do not have the tax deduction bonus for our supporters, we do have maximum financial transparency and freedom of speech by being a PAC (Political Action Committee).

    We are completely unrestricted in what we say on your behalf in the national battle against the deadly illegal alien invasion and overthrow of our American homeland.

    Every penny ALIPAC has spent since 2004 is a matter of public record that is often reviewed by our top donors, the media, and frontline activists at

    We are pulling double duty this holiday season of 2019 to fight to stop the Agjobs, and sneaky budget provision Amnesty deals in DC (Review details here)!

    Please consider helping our efforts on this Giving Tuesday to send us your gift by mail, debit, or credit card via....

    The Team

    PS: ALIPAC Frequently receives donations of $25, $50, $100 or more, but if everyone can try to at least chip in $10 that will help us.
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