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Thread: Good News: Amnesty backers are falling back in the Senate!

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    Good News: Amnesty backers are falling back in the Senate!

    We have good news to report! While we are still in danger from several legislative maneuvers (like a discharge petition) that could happen before the Amnesty and budget deadline this Fri Dec. 22, the #2 Republican in the Senate just signaled a retreat to January and perhaps longer! We cannot declare victory over Amnesty 2017 until lawmakers leave DC for their homes in the next few days, but we are encouraged by the enemy falling back in the Senate!

    This is good news for our side as our strategy is to push Amnesty back into the GOP primary cycle of 2018 where the fact most Americans oppose what they are doing takes hold through the elections.

    'Dreamer' immigration bill not on Senate agenda this month

    While we want you to enjoy this good news, we must remind you all that we cannot take comfort from this report, and we must intensify our pressure on the US House tomorrow! We must be on guard for maximum deception and possible subterfuge from these lawmakers hoping to catch Americans distracted by Christmas.

    We also are happy to report that today's ALIPAC endorsement for Mary Jones against Amnesty backing Rep. Scott Taylor just broke press!

    Please help the important information in this article reach broader audiences by reading it, commenting beneath it, and sharing it by email and social media!

    Pro-Amnesty Rep. Scott Taylor Silent on ‘Scum Bag’ Smear of Pro-American Group

    Let's keep the pressure up against Amnesty all week ALIPACers!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    If the populist Republicans could influence their establishment colleagues maybe we could see true immigration reform next year, Like stopping the chain migration policies.
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