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Thread: GOP Amnesty backers are out in the open now and we need callers!

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    GOP Amnesty backers are out in the open now and we need callers!

    Call 34 members of Congress on Kate's List and then share this call to action by email or on (Facebook HERE) ... (Twitter HERE) ... (GAB HERE) ... (LinkedIn HERE)

    They will try to claim DACA is not Amnesty. They will try to claim you've been misinformed. You will meet many defense mechanisms if you call these offices with us, but we need you to stand firm today!

    Shortly after our release yesterday revealing ALIPAC's new creation called Kate's List, the Republicans signing the letter to Ryan asking for Amnesty by Christmas released their letter!

    They are taking a big gamble because now we know who all of them are so we can target them for primary challenges and removal from office in 2018!

    We need a huge flood of calls and social media posts on Twitter and Facebook directed at these Congressional scoundrels who are putting the desires of illegal aliens and their employers before their responsibility to protect Americans like Kate Steinle!

    Locate the Kate's List Amnesty backers nearest you and contact them first! 34 Targets, Let em have it ALIPACers! Push hard today!

    "I'm calling/writing to tell Rep. ________ he/she is now on Kate's List named after Kate Steinle because he/she is focused on trying to pass DACA Amnesty for illegal aliens instead of trying to protect the thousands of Americans killed by illegals each year like Kate! I am part of a national effort to recruit GOP primary challengers to run against Rep. __________ and remove him from office as we did with Eric Cantor, Renee Ellmers, and Luther Strange! Instead of signing letters to Paul Ryan asking for amnesty for illegal aliens, you should be signing letters demanding our existing immigration laws be fully enforced to protect American jobs, tax resources, and lives!"

    Kate's List with34 targets, numbers, and social media links...

    ALIPAC's New Release
    34 GOP Lawmakers on DACA Amnesty letter to Ryan now targets on Kate's List

    Please try to call then write to all 34 GOP Amnesty backing traitors on ALIPAC's Kate's List!

    The ALIPAC Team
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