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Thread: GOP Should Use Debt Limit To Stop Biden-Harris Border Invasion

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    GOP Should Use Debt Limit To Stop Biden-Harris Border Invasion

    GOP Should Use Debt Limit To Stop Biden-Harris Border Invasion

    Shut Down This Failed Government!

    Share this release & call to activism by email and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE)

    Call GOP members of Congress now to say "refuse to raise the debt limit & let the government shut down until the Biden-Harris administration stops open borders, taxpayer transport, catch & release, & parole for illegal alien invaders!"
    Contact Info

    For National Release: May 10, 2023

    -- Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( is advising the nation that illegal immigration into America would actually slow down if the federal government shut down or the US Border Patrol and Troops ordered by the Biden-Harris administration to help import illegal immigrants stood down.

    With illegal immigration numbers already at historic and unprecedented high levels, the taxpayer-funded illegal immigration invasion of America is expected to increase by many factors on Thursday when the meager Title 42 expires, and Congress scrambles to pass a symbolic but futile Border Security Act of 2023.

    While ALIPAC supports the Border Security Act of 2023 Congress may vote on this week, the national organization believes it will be undermined by Biden and does not go far enough to address the current dire politician-sponsored, illegal, and unConstitutional invasion of America that's costing vast numbers of Americans their security, jobs, communities, taxpayer resources, lives, and futures.

    "The politicians and government employees importing illegal aliens into America at taxpayer expense are breaking numerous federal laws, violating their oaths to the Constitution, and committing a form of Treason," said William Gheen, spokesman for ALIPAC. "We call on GOP members of Congress to refuse to raise the debt limit and endure a government shutdown until the Biden-Harris administration agrees to cease their illegal parole, open-borders, and catch and release policies for illegal alien invaders who are expected to vote for Democrats in 2024."

    It would only take ten members of Congress to refuse to raise the debt limit to more outrageous and unpayable levels to bring the DC-based betrayals to a halt and stop payments for illegal alien night flights, van rides, Border Patrol escorts, and bus tickets into the US interior.

    ALIPAC believes that a supermajority of Americans of all races and walks of life would support GOP lawmakers brave enough to tie debt limit negotiations with the Biden-Harris administration with secure borders and that this tactic would have a more significant impact than passing new legislation that Biden will either veto or ignore if passed into law.

    ALIPAC has little confidence that legislation supported by notorious pro-Amnesty GOP RINOS like Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, who is on the Cantor List, would have any real benefit for Americans suffering the many problems caused by illegal immigration.

    For more information about ALIPAC's eighteen-year struggle against illegal immigration and Amnesty or to schedule interviews, please visit

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