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Thread: Grand Theft Nation and the Controlled Demolition of America

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    Grand Theft Nation and the Controlled Demolition of America

    Grand Theft Nation and the Controlled Demolition of America

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    March 16, 2015

    As Americans we are united in our opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty, but I want everyone to know my personal belief based on all that I've learned through over a decade of intense research and activism. I've shared pieces of it before, but I think the time has come for me to put what I truly believe is happening to us as Americans on the table.

    I do not demand or even ask that you share or join my personal beliefs. I only ask that everyone please keep an open mind, consider my concerns, and keep them in mind as you strive to interpret the steady stream of bad news and horrific reports about America that only get worse with time.

    All that I see and hear these days fits into my model of perception and belief, and this unifying theory I share with you now is reinforced on a daily basis. Perhaps what I believe is happening will find resonance in you and if you already agree with some or most of what I'm saying, I hope you will reach out to me.

    America's Hidden War At Home

    I believe that the United States is under sustained attack and being dismantled, destroyed, and conquered from within by a new form of warfare that is so sophisticated, incremental, and reliant upon witting and unwitting traitors that most citizens have no knowledge of the weapons and attacks.

    The most powerful weapons are those you cannot detect or defend against. These attackers are masters of subtext and are dismantling America's defenses after gaining influence over most of our nation's political parties, media, major corporations, and banks.

    I believe this "nation building" revolution is being conducted by a constellation of enemies working in various degrees of cooperation and mutual self interest with each other.

    Illegal Immigration as an Invisible Demographic Weapon

    I believe that this constellation of enemies is using illegal immigration and amnesty as a way to permanently displace American workers, voters, and taxpayers. Current and subsequent waves of illegal immigration combined with hyper legal immigration are amassing an army of millions of aliens who hold negative views towards America and Americans ranging from contempt to genocidal rage. Since this extensive array of aggressors does not like the predominant views of Americans that have been the majority in the United States for hundreds of years, they are using a kind of "Demographic Neutron Bomb" to over-seed the current stock of Americans with millions of people that will be more receptive to their totalitarian form of governance.

    I believe that these enemies are both foreign and domestic, and they include, but are not limited to, China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and billionaires like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, and Carlos Slim. And while the North Koreans are often scapegoated, it is clear they are China's proxy warriors. Many recent video games and movies have made the North Koreans the invaders in the remake of Red Dawn and the video game Homefront because China has the power to conceal its role in our downfall.

    I've witnessed and I solemnly swear and attest that these powers engage in unlawful and unconstitutional policies that result in the deaths of many thousands of Americans each year and anyone attempting to get that information out to the public will find themselves censored, banned from major networks, and maligned by a host of billionaire backed soft money groups!

    They suppress and conceal knowledge of mass atrocities committed against Americans by illegal aliens and urban minority youths while hyper sensitizing Americans to issues of race, gender, and sexual orientation. Their newscasts move from rare stories of racial insensitivity while spiking or sand bagging stories reflective of the most prevalent characteristics of violent crime in America.

    Those conducting this costly and deadly warfare against the defending citizens of America are transfixed on using demographic differences to destabilize the United States of America, overthrow the existing order of the Republic, and transform America with a social justice movement based on lies and distortions like what we have seen in the Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Duke Lacrosse cases.

    Destabilization of the United States

    These demographic obsessed attackers are using their power and influence to sow discord and animosity between as many groups in America as possible, between whites and non-whites, between gays and straights, between men and women, between Christians and Muslims and nonbelievers. Any and all divisions and differences are being exploited and exacerbated as part of the planned destabilization and destruction of America.

    I refer to them as global socialists because many aspects of how they operate are similar to past communist and socialist movements that overtook nations with deadly results and based on my observation that the vast majority of Democrat lawmakers are joined by about 1/3 a large portion of Republican lawmakers supporting corporate welfare, social service welfare, and banks borrowing and creating money. This flow of fund emanating from the government via foreign loans keeps the lights on in America while acting like an opiate drug that stops the US population from realizing how far gone our nation is. They are now harvesting jobs, natural resources, and wealth from America on such a scale that they are literally harvesting our nations organs while the populace is tranquilized by government and bank generated money, psychotropic drugs, and a steady stream of lies coming out of our television and computer screens!

    I believe these attackers engage in wide scale defamation of America on a regular basis with particular emphasis on demonizing white Americans, with added emphasis on white males, and their greatest animosity reserved for white heterosexual Christians who have proven to be the most resilient against their attacks and subversion. This defamation weaves the false narrative that white male heterosexual Christians are the most backwards, ignorant, violent, and aggressive people on the planet who need to be constantly reminded of the KKK and Hitler's Holocaust to prevent repeats of history. This calculated defamation influences people to believe that white people are inherently evil, genocidal, in need of disarmament and totalitarian restraints, and worthy of physical violence and destruction.

    If I even mention that I belong to the demographic of white, male, heterosexual, Christian, that statement alone throws the negative propaganda groups into a rage against me. It's not that I've said anything wrong or acted with any malice towards anyone else, the mere fact I exist or would mention their most targeted demographic makes them go ballistic and I'm sure my mention of who I am demographically here will elicit the expected response and attacks.

    They will criticize me for claiming my demographic is being attacked and mistreated while engaging in a form of cyber bullying, attacking, and mistreating me! They will say that what I'm witnessing has no merit, but anyone that doubts me should just go to YouTube and search on "Burn White Jesus Challenge" so see that what I'm observing is real and worthy of national discussion and concern.

    My description of their anti-white bias is based on my observations of their actions and efforts, not any desire of my own to be racist or harmful towards any other demographic.

    I would hope that the many black and Hispanic activists and leaders I have worked with over the years, and those that I consider to be personal friends, would stand with me in denouncing this form of racism, discrimination, and violence against Caucasians as I have stood with them on such issues.

    I've held my tongue about this anti-white bias I witness daily in social media posts, comments beneath YouTube videos, and comments beneath articles for several years now out of my commitment to unifying Americans of all races against the deadly illegal alien invasion of America. But now this racist and violent defamation has reached a new level of sophistication using online graphics and memes and talking points originating from the White House and news channels like MSNBC!

    We have reached a point where violent mobs of minority youth roam many cities hunting down white victims for potentially deadly assaults. And these violent mobs and youths playing the "knock out game" or going "polar bear hunting" (white people, we are the polar bears) rival the most egregious racist acts of the KKK, yet the major media in America blocks coverage of this new and growing phenomenon. In fact, it is mostly like the media narrative about how innately evil white people are that is fueling the mobs and violence!

    Hate Crimes Vs. Hush Crimes

    I know the frightening truth of America in 2015 that if a nonwhite mob broke into my home and murdered me and my whole family while screaming anti-white racial epitaphs, the media and communication systems like Google and Facebook would actively suppress the story. Yet, at the same time if I made a video of myself using racially insensitive language and posted it on YouTube, the name William Gheen would be on all major networks and the story would be covered with such bias to the extent that I would have to go into hiding to avoid violent reprisals.

    In 2015, white on black crimes are hate crimes that can get you a decade in prison for assault. Black and Hispanic on white crimes are hush crimes that will only receive local media exposure before being completely suppressed or distorted by the national news wire services like Associated Press and Reuters. (eg.The torture and murder of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom)

    I was raised in a way where I spent many years dedicated to registering and transporting minority and student voters in an effort to increase equality and fight racism. And while I served my socialist masters well in my youth, I was lied to. I was taught racism was supposed to be a two way street and that all forms of racism would be equally opposed. But now I see the truth that cries of racism are a one way street applied to my demographic only!

    This is not a matter of isolated abuses, I'm describing the entire system in place that is growing in strength around us each and every day.

    And I feel absolutely confident in my belief that such an upside down, deadly, and destructive practice could only occur against any people, nation, or demographic if backed by true hatred.

    The only things holding this form of warfare back from being even more lethal and life altering for many Americans are what little remains of our rights in the Bill of Rights.

    Full Gun Confiscation To Follow Amnesty for Illegals

    And the global socialists that are facilitating and supporting the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion of our American homeland plan to go after private gun ownership next. A recent uproar about the ATF banning ammunition for AR-15s caused the Obama administration to backtrack on that idea. But I know it is not because they are giving up on their plans to disarm Americans. They pushed the time table on the plan back because they want to finish getting their millions of illegal aliens in place and fully locked in before moving for disarmament.

    These traitorous elites know they are going to need a new group of people in America that will be willing to go door to door and get bloody and dirty with gun owners who resist the final phases of this planned overthrow of the USA.

    Once they have the illegals locked in and voting, and once they have defamed whites, Christians, gun owners, Republicans, Tea Party participants, and any others who stand in their way to such a point their socialist state minions will feel justified conducting pogroms. Then they will go after the "Cold Dead Hands" crowd that I also belong to.

    While this may sound outlandish or beyond to pale to many of you, I bet there were a lot of shocked people in places where over 100 million people were killed by communist and socialist revolutionaries over the last 100 years in what the US Congress refers to as "an unprecedented imperial communist holocaust."

    Burn White Jesus and all White Americans

    During my writing of this article finally putting my inner most concerns out on the table for the world to see, I followed my own advice and searched on "Burn White Jesus Challenge" on YouTube and found this video here (click here). Listen carefully to these men talk about "burning crackas" and how the fate of the white Jesus they are burning in effigy is soon to be the fate of all America!

    And if anyone wants to take issue with me claiming I'm just relying on a few rare isolated incidents to formulate my opinions, I could easily put hundreds of examples on display within 24 hours due to the amount of this material today.

    And to further prove my point, I will press release this video out to all major media in America with the Monday, March 16, 2015, release of this article and you can all hold your breath along with me to see the New York Times, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, Reuters, CBS, CNN, MSNBC all ignore this video and release.

    Many thanks to all of you who have read this with an open mind. If you have similar concerns or observations, you can contact me at

    I believe that these terrible things afoot in our nation can be turned around and can be made better. I believe that the plan of the global socialists for America and Americans loyal to the Constitution and Bill of Rights like me can be stopped if enough people are aware of the plan, sense it and understand it, and unify in opposition to it. And for the sake of all American children I pray that can be achieved.


    William Gheen is President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and has worked in the past as a campaign consultant, legislative assistant, lobbyist, and assistant Sgt-At-Arms for the North Carolina General Assembly. His views and opinions have been sought out and reported by national and global media since 2004 and he manages the largest archive of information in existence on the topics of illegal immigration and related issues at
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