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    Help ALIPAC Make History: Where Are Your Candidates?

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Our volunteers have been hard at work trying to get as many federal candidates as possible to complete our 2010 Candidate Survey.

    This survey is designed to both influence candidates and lawmakers, while working to help voters see through the fog to determine which candidates really oppose Amnesty vs. those who just say they do but actually support a temporary worker, guest worker, or Comprehensive Immigration Reform type plan that would replace us all at the ballot box with illegal aliens!

    With only 37 days until Election Day, it is time for us to unleash a new political strategy we have never before used. It is time for our wonderful ALIPAC activists to go after the candidates who are neglecting or refusing to send in our survey.

    Please take action with us today.

    Step 1:

    Please access this tracking list we have prepared that shows federal campaigns that we are interested in possibly endorsing, but cannot endorse because we have not received a survey response. Many of these candidates are running against incumbents who support Amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Take a close look at the list and prepare to contact those campaigns by phone and e-mail, starting with the ones in your state or states closest to you. If you have the time to contact the entire list, that would be great!

    Please check the list often because we will add the words "RECEIVED SURVEY" next to any that come in thanks to your work. This is the first time we have ever used this strategy of activating our entire national network of activists to go after a list of targeted campaigns like this.

    Please use this list to call each missing campaign and then follow up in writing. Only by flooding these campaigns with thousands of contacts from concerned voters can we get the response we need.

    Federal Candidates From Whom ALIPAC Needs a Completed Survey

    Step 2: Please review these sample messages and craft your very own verbal and written comment or question for these campaigns. Please remember that it is essential you create your own version. If you simply copy our sample messages or too many of you call and say the same thing it will have less impact. Each message targeted towards these campaigns should be individualized and personalized for maximum effect.

    You can direct the campaigns to our survey link found in the Announcements Box on the homepage at or you can send them to this direct link to the survey with simple instructions.

    ALIPAC Survey and Instructions

    Sample Messages

    Sample Message 1

    "Hello, I am calling/writing because I noticed that your campaign has not been endorsed by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC known as ALIPAC yet because they have not received a response to the PAC survey they sent you. I donate, volunteer, and vote for campaigns that address illegal immigration. Could you please have candidate __(name)____ visit to complete a survey so We The People will know where you stand on illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals?"

    Sample Message 2

    "Can you tell me, if candidate ______ supports or opposes Arizona's new immigration law? Does ______ support or oppose Amnesty for illegals which would let them start voting? What does ______ plan to do to get the Executive branch to enforce our existing immigration and border laws? Thank you for this information, but it would have been easier, if I could have seen your campaign's responses at Can you please ask _________ to complete ALIPAC's 2010 candidate survey so other voters like me can have access to this information?"

    Sample Message 3

    "Hi, I was calling to let _______ know that I cannot locate an endorsement or even a completed candidate survey at Americans for Legal Immigration PAC found at ALIPAC is one of America's largest national organizations dealing with immigration issues. They are the largest immigration enforcement political action committee (PAC) in America. My votes, volunteer time, and candidate contributions go to candidates supported by ALIPAC. Please take ten minutes to complete the ALIPAC 2010 candidate survey, if you are interested in the support of voters like me who want illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals stopped."

    Step 3:

    If you get a campaign to agree to complete our survey, or you find any information indicating a campaign supports Amnesty or a path to citizenship for illegals, or if your polite request is rejected by a campaign, please post us a note beneath the tracking list at this link....

    Let's get those phone lines, fax lines, and email boxes on the move today! Let's get more surveys in so we can inform more voters and endorse more candidates than ever before!

    Call like you are calling to stop Amnesty for illegal aliens, because in effect you are.


    The ALIPAC Team
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Gheen, Minnesota, United States
    Please get your Federal candidates to fill out ALIPAC's 2010 CANDIDATE SURVEY
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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