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    Here comes Biden's knock out blow to Americans!

    This week Biden-Harris order US troops & Border Patrol to bring in millions more illegal alien invaders at taxpayer expense!

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    This week Title 42 ends, and the Biden-Harris administration will use that as an excuse to dial up the historic and unprecedented levels of illegal immigration into America upward by several factors!

    Congress has not changed our laws which makes the current actions of the US Executive Branch, DHS, and US Border Patrol illegal and unconstitutional. They are committing multiple felonies for each illegal they entice to enter and remain in the US, give a job to, and transport over state lines.

    Under our current laws, illegal aliens are to be stopped and refused entry at our borders, and there is no factual basis in law for the fantastical loophole they are claiming allows this. To help drive home these points, ALIPAC will ask our activists to support the new Secure the Border Act in Congress to help us map which Republicans are RINOs.

    US Troops are being sent to the border, and deals are being made with Mexico to increase the level of official cooperation with the drug and illegal alien-importing cartels to bring in more illegals with less visibility to US citizens who oppose all of this.

    US Taxpayers will be footing most of the bill to transport and house these illegal alien invaders, including $300 per night four-star hotel rooms.

    This is the Biden-Harris knockout blow to Americans!

    Please give us much time and attention as possible this week as we do all we can to fight back!

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
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