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How to Bypass Search Results Censorship

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Google is doing all they can think of to tip the scales to the far left in US elections, and one of the many ways they are abusing their power and abusing US citizens to do that is through search results censorship.

At the time of this email, Google has reduced the number of indexed pages at ALIPAC.us (The world's largest archive of info about illegal immigration archived by the US Library of Congress) to less than 5,000 of our 1.7 million pages of info! (View Proof Here)

Most of the other search engines are now only indexing less than 40,000 of our 1.7 million pages.

A supporter wrote us the other day asking, "Is Vicky Hartzler a good candidate for a Senator from Missouri?"

We responded by asking if they had sent her our ALIPAC Federal Candidate Survey/Pledge for 2020 (View and Share HERE), and they had not. We do not have the funds and staff to send our survey to every federal candidate, so that task is up to you!

So we went to do a search at ALIPAC.us and look at what all comes up for Vicky Hartzler! Would any of you want to vote for a pro-Amnesty cheap labor importing GOP Rino like Hartzler?

GO TO ALIPAC.us and SEARCH ON VICKY HARTZLER TO SEE WHAT GOOGLE IS HIDING FROM VOTERS AND WHAT OUR SUPPORTER LEARNED! Write us back after your search and let us know what you think of Hartzler and our search feature?

Here are the steps we need you to memorize, utilize, and share...

Step 1: Get your sample ballot from your local or state board of elections by visiting their website or calling them.

Step 2: Go to ALIPAC.us on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or other devices.

Step 3: Type in the names of the candidates on your ballot into the search box on the upper right of your screen. On your phone, you will see a magnifying glass icon. If you are not logged into our site, you will have to type in the human verification letters in the box we use to stop the spambots from exploiting our systems.

You will then see the bulky results that countless American patriot volunteers and donors have built for you since 2004.

Some of your candidates will have no records with us. Some will. Some may have been endorsed by ALIPAC in the past or may have made statements on immigration issues many years ago.

Know your candidates.
Know your ballot.
Visit ALIPAC.us to do your research/searches.
Share your findings with others. (our site has easy to use share features for email, texts, prints, and social media)

Who knows how long this information will remain available to you. We are doing all we can to keep it up and visible to the public, and we are so thankful to each of you who has gotten us this far.

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

PS: Please consider a $10 or more donation to help us keep the information at ALIPAC.us available to US candidates, lawmakers, staffers, media, and voters.