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    Illegal Immigration Battle Flashpoints in 3 States. ALIPAC Activists Deploy

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    This week we need full national deployment of all ALIPAC activists to help our supporters on the ground in New Mexico, Missouri, and Kansas.

    These states are where the battle lines are drawn and where your volunteerism can do the most to fight illegal immigration at this time. We need a full national mobilization. Please review the very simple steps below and put in as much time as you can spare. ALIPAC supporters who live in these three states need reinforcements from other states this week!


    It is time for us to renew our efforts in New Mexico where ALIPAC has fought hard over the last few years trying to stop licenses for illegal aliens. Your calls, emails, faxes and lobbying have stopped licenses in all but 3 remaining states. New Mexico continues to give licenses to illegals despite a promise by Governor Martinez to end the practice and despite the national poll showing 77% of Americans are with us in opposition to licenses for illegals.

    Please review ALIPAC's strategic sample message, then craft your own distinct version of the message and follow the CONTACT link to saturate New Mexico state lawmakers. Remember to personalize each message and to focus on calls followed by written reinforcement.

    NEWS "Governor pushes to end immigrant driver's licenses "

    "Dear Senator/Representative ________: I am calling/writing to ask you to stop New Mexico from giving licenses to illegal aliens. As you know, 47 other states have made sure illegals can't get licenses. This is because polls show close to 80% of Americans oppose licenses for illegal immigrants because licenses aid illegals and help them continue their unlawful presence in America. There should be no non emergency taxpayer resources offered to illegals, including licenses. Please advise your colleagues that all of America is watching New Mexico closely and we plan to inform the large majority of your voters about which ones of you need to be voted out of office on Election day for supporting licenses for illegal aliens. Please do the right thing and end this practice."

    New Mexico Legislature



    Lawmakers on our side in Missouri are trying to pass legislation similar to Alabama and Arizona. This would help other states like Arizona, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, and South Carolina by adding another state to draw the fire of the national illegal alien invasion supporting groups.

    Please help us light up the phone lines and email boxes in Missouri with thousands of ALIPACers who are fighting to turn this invasion back state by state. The illegals are leaving crackdown states in droves. Let's fight hard to get Missouri on the list.

    News: Bill takes aim at illegal immigrants

    Sample Message "Dear Representative/Senator ____: I am calling/writing to ask you to make sure Missouri cracks down on illegal immigration in 2012 in the brave tradition of Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and others. Polls show that the vast majority of Americans support legislation like this and the results in Alabama from such a law has been a rapid decrease in the unemployment rate for American citizens. Please help protect American jobs, classrooms, taxpayer resources, and lives by passing a tough illegal immigration crackdown law in Missouri this year. We will support you all the way!"

    Missouri State Lawmaker Contact Info...
    Representative Directory


    Some illegal alien invasion supporting lawmakers in Kansas are trying to follow Utah in creating a Guest Worker Amnesty plan for illegal immigrants. This is very dangerous legislation that we must make sure does not spread outside of Utah where our supporters have made great inroads reversing the state Amnesty law.

    Please get on the horns to Kansas heavy this week and give them the BIG NO shout!

    Kansas Seeks Waiver for Undocumented Workers to Solve Farm Crisis - AMNESTY

    Sample Message: "Dear Senator/Representative _______: I am calling to ask you to oppose the Guest Worker Amnesty legislation that would allow illegal aliens to stay in Kansas and work. This kind of legislation has been rejected many times in America except in Utah where the Republican convention has voted to instruct the legislature to reverse their Bill HB 116! Passing a Guest Worker Amnesty bill in Kansas at the behest of illegal alien employers sends the wrong message. We need illegal aliens to leave jobs in Kansas and those jobs to go to American citizens and LEGAL immigrants who came in the right way. Please be advised that we are aware that a very large majority of your voters would oppose any form of AMNESTY for illegals including this Guest worker legislation. Any Kansas lawmaker supporting such unpopular legislation can easily be removed from office in the next election cycle for voting yes on such a bill. All of America is watching Kansas and stands ready to organize voters against any lawmaker supporting any form of Amnesty for illegals."

    Roster | House | Kansas State Legislature

    Roster | Senate | Kansas State Legislature


    Do you approve of ALIPAC's efforts in the states of Kansas, Missouri, and New Mexico? Do you like the laws we worked very hard to promote and pass in South Carolina, Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia and 30 other states? Do you want ALIPAC to help pass illegal immigration crackdown laws in your state that appear to get the illegals leaving the state while lowering the unemployment rate for Americans?

    If the answer is YES, then take two immediate steps.

    #1 Put in the volunteer time on the action items above.

    #2 Send in your donation online or by mail to help ALIPAC stay in the fight against illegal immigration. We must receive more donations quickly or activism efforts like this will be pushed aside for fund raising appeals or worse, we will have to close our doors. Help ALIPAC help you fight illegal immigration by visiting THIS LINK TODAY TO DONATE BY MAIL OR ONLINE.

    Yes, I am donating now at...

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    Loud and clear!

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    added to the homepage

    going out nationally now

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