There is so much happening right now, we are trying to condense this information so you will have all you need to know so please read this entire message and please post and forward it to other citizen activists.

A warm and special welcome to all of the new members of this list that have signed up at our site over the last few weeks. We are glad you are with us and hope you will join our efforts this week.

Today, Tuesday, is Election Day for the special Congressional election with Jim Gilchrist in CA. Our hopes and prayers go out for Jim and the many ALIPAC volunteers and contributors that have given of themselves to help. It is expected to be a low turnout election and anything can happen in a low turnout race. Best wishes to Jim. Go Jim!

Here are some pictures from his campaign that just came in yesterday.

Priority 1:

Thank you for your efforts last week fighting the Guest Worker / Temporary Worker amnesty proposals from the Bush administration. Our sources in Washington tell us that lawmakers are feeling the heat. We must continue and intensify our calls, e-mails, and letters this week.

Most members of Congress are just like us in the sense they want to put down their work and go home for the holidays. We need to encourage them to do that WITHOUT passing a temporary worker bill. If you have not made some calls yet, we need you to move now. Our hats are off to our many citizen activists that have called their representatives and in some cases their whole states delegations and more!

The contact information and lobbying tips you need are here in our ALIPAC Action Panel ... age&pid=25

Our citizen activists in our Discussion Groups are working together at these links.

Priority 2:

Thanks to our combined efforts, the information we have been pushing about the number of fines against employers for hiring illegal aliens falling to ZERO in 2004 we have seen this information appear in numerous articles. Please keep sending that information to every local and national media contact you can locate.

Priority 3: Your calls to local talk radio shows are helping to rally the nation. We have received several e-mails from people that heard you on the air and want to help! We still have not had any good calls into the big national shows so please try to get on the air with them to say "No Guest Worker. Americans need to tell Congress NOT to pass any legislation that empowers illegal aliens."

Priority 4: We appreciate those of you that read our homepage news regularly at but the good opposition articles to the Guest Worker legislative push are coming in too fast for us to mount them. Please access our rapidly submitted daily news in the news section of our discussion groups here.

Priority 5:
NumbersUSA has put out a call for immediate assistance to try and block legislation that has emerged that will increase immigration visas. We ask that our people stay focused on our opposition to Guest Worker legislation, but if you have the time and desire to help try and block this legislation then please read the full details here....

Oppose Senator Specter's 350,000-a-year immigration increase in budget bill

Also, here are some videos and pictures from the Minuteman Project protest of the NBC studios over that nasty Law and Order hit piece episode that ran a few weeks ago. So much for the opposition's claims that the Minutemen are bunch of old white guys. It is great to see so many Hispanic and Black Americans standing up for our country and our laws. You might enjoy seeing these images and hearing these messages. Check out the racist signs the Open Borders protestors are holding.

Minuteman NBC Studio protest

For those of you that are new to our group, our goal is to stop the President and the current Congress from erasing illegal immigration by LEGALIZING everyone through worker programs, amnesties, or visa expansions. We will try to hold them off until the spring when the elections will be going full blast and most members of Congress will face opposition at home. Their opposition might be more likely than they are to appeal to the public's desires for immigration enforcement instead of the Open Borders / Big Money lobby that has so many elected officials hooked on their campaign cash.

We must hold the line as best we can and give the public the time and opportunity to elect the NEW CONGRESS. It is our hope that the NEW CONGRESS will represent the 80+% of American's that want our borders secured and our existing immigration laws enforced.

This is our battle plan and we are fully engaged.

Hope you can spare some time this week to do your part in this battle.

Keep the faith,

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

PS: Special thanks to all you that have written me to tell me about your letters to the editor and your calls to talk radio and congress. Your feedback and suggestions help us to do a better job. I'm here to help you anyway I can and I enjoy hearing about your efforts.

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