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    Illegal immigration, crime, & inflation are keys to Republican victories in 2022

    Illegal immigration, crime, & inflation are keys to Republican victories in 2022

    For National Release | October 19, 2022

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    -- DC-based power groups and globalist Republicans like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, who share Democrat Amnesty plans to turn millions of illegals into legal citizens and voters, are giving very bad advice to Republican campaigns in the hope of limiting GOP gains in the 2022 midterms.

    RINOs McCarthy and McConnell hope to be top leaders in the US House and Senate, where Republicans may hold majorities after 2022. They don't want large Democrat losses, as their goal is for the globalists responsible for America's illegal immigration invasion, rampant crime, and inflation to stay in power and deprive American citizens of any true change on these important issues.

    GOP candidates who want to win in 2022 should reject the bad advice of the CORRUPT DC power groups and point out how their Democrat opponents support Amnesty and citizenship for illegals while they oppose both! Voters deserve a choice on the ballot away from the Democrat and RINO Republican Amnesty plans.

    For Republicans to win in surprising numbers and districts on Nov. 8, 2022, advises they focus their campaigns on the three general principles of...

    "God, Family, & Country"

    ...and that campaigns focus their limited resources on the three specific issues of...

    "Illegal Immigration, crime, & inflation."

    Each of these three issues are related to each other and impact each other. And these three issues are the ones that will have the greatest impact mobilizing conservative voters, attracting unaffiliated and independent voters, and persuading some Democrat voters to to vote GOP or let the Democrats flounder this year.

    Illegal Immigration & Crime

    The unprecedented historic Biden-Harris facilitated Illegal immigration wave is contributing to both inflation and crime levels as witnessed in many low and high-profile crimes like the recent beheading in San Carlos, CA (Review HERE), the illegal charged with murder, torture, and rape of a 12-year-old in Alabama (Review HERE), the illegals caught looting in Florida (Review HERE), and last week's massacre on the Las Vegas strip (Review HERE).

    Every crime committed by an illegal alien on US soil is 100% preventable and would not occur if our existing border and immigration laws were enforced instead of being compromised and sabotaged by politicians and DC power groups.

    Illegal Immigration & Inflation

    Campaigns and voters should be reminded that one of the top driving factors behind inflation is that the Biden-Harris administration has packed more than four million legal and illegal immigrants into America in the last 22 months in a bid to give Democrats permanent power!

    The reason we have shortages of housing, used vehicles, resources, products, and things like baby formula is in part because of the largest movement of people in human history. Illegal immigration should be stopped and reversed, and legal immigration should be heavily curtailed until American citizens have a return to normalcy.

    ALIPAC activists will be circulating information on the three core issues of illegal immigration, crime, and inflation, and the national organization founded on 9/11 of 2004 will be launching targeted Super PAC online ads to voters on these matters in areas where ALIPAC Endorsed Candidates and Campaigns (View HERE) are on the November 8 ballot.

    ALIPAC activists are working hard to inform every GOP candidate on their ballot of these winning issues and the 72 documented examples of non-citizens, including many illegals, registering and voting illegally in US elections proving there is indeed widespread elections fraud on behalf of Democrats. (Review Documentation HERE)

    For more information or to schedule interviews, please visit

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