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    illegal rapes 65 year old woman & only 48 hours to save ALIPAC

    The latest report of a rape and pillage mentality illegal alien has just been posted into the Archives! Sergio Jose Martinez, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, had been deported at least 13 times since 2008 and sanctuary city policies made his crimes possible combined with our wide open borders! (Read Details Here)

    Please remember there are many other illegal alien rapes and murders happening all across America this past week we will never know of because the media suppresses most cases of illegal alien crimes.

    The fight against illegal immigration and crimes like these would not be at the level it is today without ALIPAC and those of you that support our operations as DONORS & VOLUNTEERS!

    Unfortunately, our efforts to save every American life we can from illegals like this one and stop the socialists that are importing illegals to take permanent control of most US elections and government agencies using invaders are on the brink!

    Less than 48 hours remain until the Midnight July 31 deadline for us to raise the minimum of $30,000 it takes to operate our streamlined and highly efficient national organization. We have currently only raised $21,165 !!!

    Don't let illegal aliens like Sergio Jose Martinez win due to American apathy! There are thousands of you reading this report and funding request. Please take 5 minutes to donate $25, $50, $100 or more via our secure donations pages and help us show illegal aliens and their backing politicians we will fight back!

    Donate now via ALIPAC's secure online donation pages at....

    and through mobile devices via...

    PS: The world's largest archive of information about the illegal alien invasion and overthrow of America is kept at it is our hope that our records will be used one day to pursue justice for the thousands of Americans that are being raped and killed by illegals each year in our nation. This archive and 14 years of work by thousands of volunteer activists will be lost if we do not hear from you with your DONATIONS IN LESS THAN 48 Hours at...
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