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    Invites:Important Events in NC, PA,and IL you should attend!

    Invites: Important Events in NC, PA, and IL you should attend!

    Supporters of ALIPAC:

    At this critical time, it is important for you to attend events that will help us to defeat Amnesty. We need you to show your support in this way. ALIPAC only supports events that are held by groups that either have a proven track record, or they meet our strict requirements on honesty and planning abilities.

    There are three major events lined up right now. Please look at each and do all you can to be there and to bring others!

    Asheville, NC Saturday June 23 2-5pm EST
    "Stop Illegal Immigration Rally"
    Event Planned by The Action Club
    Where: Ferguson Auditorium, Laurel Building, AB-TECH on Victoria Road

    Special focus on persuading Senator Richard Burr to oppose S. 1348

    Guest Speakers: William Gheen of ALIPAC, State Senator Fern Shubert, Ron Woodard of NC Listen, NC State Representative Charles Thomas, Carl Mumpower of the Asheville City Council, David Marlett of US Patriot Companies, & Lee Anthony Nieves of You Don't Speak For Me.


    Hershey, PA Saturday June 30
    "Protest outside GOP Convention with Senators McCain and Specter"
    Event Planned by Voice of the People (From Hazleton, PAC)

    Where: TBA

    Guest Speakers: TBA


    Grayslake, IL Saturday July 14, 12-6pm Central
    "Conference on Immigration"
    Event Planned by Radio Show host Fred Flannigan and Citizen's Voice
    Where: College of Lake County, 19351 West Washington St., Grayslake

    Special focus on screening of the film "Border" and the frustrations of IL and WI residents.

    Guest Speakers: William Gheen of ALIPAC, Joe Loya and Monica Ramos Father in-law and Wife of Imprisoned Border Patrol Agent "Nacho" Ignacio Ramos, Chris Burgard Writer/Director of the Film Border, Susan Tully National Field Director for the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Rosanna Pulido Director of the Illinois Minuteman Project and Illinois Spokeswoman for You Don't Speak for Me, Ted Hayes Activist with Choose Black America and an American Advocate for the Homeless, Rick Biesada Co-founder of the Chicago Minuteman Project and Illinois State Director of the Minuteman Project

    Please do all you can to promote and attend these events!

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Wish I could!

    WOULD LOVE TO GO! OH MY! Americans rallying under the most beautifully composed and elegant colors in the world, Red, white, and blue, portraying and acting upon there right to protest! WOULD LOVE TO GO! Gurrr! Wish I could go. lol. Hummm, maybe I can play the lottery...hear the 2 step is having a bunch of winners lately.
    Well, going to start taking out student loans...and Seeing as too I AM getting a degree in Homeland Security...this can be a VERY educational experience...hummm...this can actually be done.

    COUNT ME IN! Will forward this to EVERYONE in my list, and print off and post around town....prehaps I can convince some local businesses to let me hang them up. Will do everything in my God given power as an American to put this out there!
    Illegals are Illegal..thats why we call them illegals.

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