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Thread: Kasich Backed by Soros & Boehner as Trump Surges

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    Kasich Backed by Soros & Boehner as Trump Surges

    Kasich Backed by Soros & Boehner as Trump Surges

    March 14, 2016

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( | (866) 703-0864 |

    Earlier reports of John Kasich backing a Rubio Gang of Eight style amnesty bill for illegal aliens are now followed by revelations that Kasich is being funded by the billionaire open borders fanatic George Soros and disgraced Congressman John Boehner endorsed Kasich for President today!

    These new astounding revelations, that will dismay more than 90% of Republican voters in Ohio if they learn of these facts before voting on Tuesday March 15, come as Donald Trump's campaign appears to be surging in all states including Ohio where Kasich's 5 point lead has evaporated.

    Quinnipiac Universities March 14 poll found that Trump is surging in Ohio and is now tied with John Kasich. (click to view)

    "We are asking our activists to track down every website, online forum, Facebook page, and Twitter account in Ohio to broadcast the news that John Kasich's campaign has received over $200,000 from George Soros, who is the billionaire at the root of most of America's problems," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "And John Boehner's endorsement of Kasich just takes the cake! Boehner is despised by the Republican base that watched him betray us all to Obama! Boehner's endorsement of Kasich will probably hurt him more than help. And if Trump wins all 5 states tomorrow, it will be a knock out punch that will likely bring this primary battle to an end!"

    ALIPAC predicted a Trump surge and wave of victories this past Sunday after witnessing many social media posts of Cruz and Rubio supporters changing alignment to Donald Trump, in reaction to those candidates efforts to falsely blame Trump for the violence in Chicago. Others are moving their support to Trump to rebuke the civil rights violating thugs that attacked Trump's Chicago event!

    Breitbart News is reporting that George Soros has donated $202,700 to John Kasich's presidential campaign! (click to view article and evidence) Soros funds most of the groups that have attempted to smear ALIPAC and other illegal immigration fighting groups. He has also funded the Ferguson, MO protests, and is now pledging 15 million dollars to encourage illegal aliens to vote against Donald Trump in 2016 even though it is a felony for illegals to vote!

    George Soros is also the largest contributor to, which is claiming responsibility for the civil rights violating, violent mob attack on Trump's Chicago rally this past Friday night!

    Donald Trump now has a very clear chance of surging past John Kasich and defeating him in his home state if enough GOP Primary voters learn of Kasich's Amnesty Support video, endorsement by John Boehner, and funding from open border architect George Soros before they vote tomorrow!

    World Net Daily and Daily Caller are also carrying this breaking story about Kasich and Soros!

    For more information or to schedule interviews please visit

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    And Kasich would take Soros' money too! He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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