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    Matching Funds Offered to Prevent ALIPAC Closure

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We did not make our funding goals for the second time in our group's 11 year history. And as such we are forced with some hard choices.

    We are happy to inform you that one of our supporters has offered one last $1,000 in matching funds! This means if you respond as we request, we can raise $2,000 and prevent ALIPAC from having to close forever.


    We failed to reach the $32,000 we needed to fund our organization until June of this year by around $4,000. We have learned that the GOP Presidential race is having a toxic effect on smaller groups like ALIPAC and our down ballot candidates. Everyone is so mesmerized by the Presidential candidates, and a small but critical percentage of our supporters have been withholding their donations for the following reasons..

    "I was concerned you might endorse Cruz." "I was concerned you might endorse Trump." "I was concerned you had not endorsed Trump." "I was concerned you had not endorsed Cruz," and the end result was our funding fell by 15% in early 2016! All of these conflicting, yet previously unexpressed concerns, are behind our organization's financial struggle. We hope the GOP primary can be settled decisively soon so we can get past this problem, and we hope that the GOP nominee is not so bloodied and damaged by the infighting that Hillary Clinton and millions of illegal aliens win the big prize of 2016!

    We can also close our funding gap by laying off our part time Treasurer Beverly. She has done an amazing job for the last 5 years for us and has worked incredible hours of low wages. While she plans to stay involved with ALIPAC and continue helping us, by eliminating her position we can conserve $3,000 per year to close the gap. We are very sorry that this has happened, but we warned everyone about what a shortfall would do. Thank you for your years of service to ALIPAC, Beverly. I am now assuming the role of Treasurer and will add those responsibilities to my very full plate.

    But we still must raise the matching funds before ALIPAC can put out our important release for tomorrow or endorse any more candidates or do anything else.

    ALIPAC's CURRENT CLOSURE DATE WILL BE May 1, 2016, unless we can persuade enough of you to donate now to this matching funds offer...

    Please donate $10 to have it matched into $20 by our generous supporter!

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