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    Minuteman Project Issues Warning about Tonights Law & Or

    ALIPAC Supporters:

    Sorry for the short notice folks! Here is the warning / advisory the Minuteman Project has sent out about tonight's Law & Order episode. Tune in for yourselves and let us know what you think of the slant of the show.

    PO Box 1489 Tombstone, AZ 85638
    (520) 457-2320
    ================================================== ===
    Minuteman Alert!
    Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
    ================================================== ===


    NBC to “Enrage America!� against Minutemen.

    Stop NBC from airing Law and Order Tonight 11/16/2005!!!

    Call your local NBC affiliate NOW!!! To stop the Rage!!!

    Send a copy to everyone you know!

    If you are a Minuteman or Minuteman Supporter – You are being attacked and NBC is
    putting the lives of law abiding, peaceful border security demonstrators at risk.

    By intentionally creating an environment of rage and hate and putting the lives of
    Minutemen all over the country at risk we hold NBC responsible for any and all
    violence, persecution, brutality, aggression, hostility and “hate crimes� toward
    Minutemen the promotions incite. Stop the show and stop any escalation of the hate.

    The truth is Minutemen are demonstrating that we can have a secure U.S. border and
    completed a successful operation during October with thousands of patriot volunteers
    without incident. Minutemen save lives and want a secure and orderly way for anyone
    who wants to be a U.S. citizen to enter this country legally.

    The National Broadcasting Company (“NBC�) has been airing promotional advertising on
    its television network for an episode of Law and Order scheduled to be broadcast
    this evening, Wednesday, November 16, 2005, that is harmful to the reputation of the
    Minuteman Project, Inc., and Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc.

    Their outrageous promotions of this episode include the following language:

    ANNOUNCER: Wednesday, new Law and Order… twelve immigrants, cooked alive in a
    boiling hot truck.
    CHARACTER: You classify that as something going down?!
    ANNOUNCER: Was it murder? Or Minutemen protecting our borders?
    CHARACTER: Nathaniel shouldn't go to jail for protecting this country!
    ANNOUNCER: The episode that will enrage America!
    CHARACTER: You don't know nothing!
    ANNOUNCER: New Law and Order, Wednesday on NBC.

    After numerous phone calls to the NBC Legal Department, which always resulted in
    being put into a generic voicemail box with no response, we sent a “cease and
    desist� letter to the office of the President of NBC, Jeff Zucker, this morning. We
    have not yet received a response.

    By directly naming the Minutemen by spoken word and in text flashed on the screen,
    NBC insinuates the Minutemen murdered immigrants in an act that will “enrage
    America.� We feel that these outrageous statements will result in violence against
    the Minuteman members.

    We are asking that you phone your LOCAL NBC affiliate and complain about this
    attempt to defame the Minutemen.

    And please email this to anyone you feel would make a call to their LOCAL NBC
    affiliate and ask them not to air the episode and to halt airing the defamatory
    promotions of this episode.

    The Minutemen have an excellent record of peaceful, law-abiding and
    non-confrontational behavior when conducting our activities around the country. We
    have a no-contact policy with suspected illegal aliens that can only be set aside to
    render emergency aid. In fact, our members have rescued and saved the lives hundreds
    of men,
    women and children who have been robbed, raped and abandoned to die in the desert
    wilderness without food and water by their human traffickers.

    Our members have gone through background checks and interviews so that people with
    violent felony convictions and racist views are kept out of our organizations. There
    has not been one incident of a Minuteman member being charged with an act of
    violence on our patrolsâ€
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Re: Minuteman Project Issues Warning about Tonights Law &

    Is there anyway of emailing the company? I watched the show, quite irate and wanted to email NBC or Law and Order directly. Got on a website, filled out all their garbage hoping I would eventually hit something where I could say I thought Law and Order was a great show until tonight and would not be watching it anymore. No comment line.

    Checked all over their website, nothing that I could distinguish to send an email on this particular show. Any ideas?

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