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    More Elections Sat-Tues and offer of support

    ALIPAC Activists!

    Heads up to everyone for Saturday, March 5, in the states of Kansas (caucus), Kentucky (caucus), Louisiana (primary), and Maine (caucus), and for Tuesday, March 8, in Hawaii (caucus), Michigan (primary), and Mississippi (primary)!

    Please make sure you go out tomorrow to vote or caucus against the GOP Presidential candidates that clearly support Amnesty, including Clinton, Sanders, Kasich, and Rubio. Between the remaining candidates Trump and Cruz, about 2/3 of our supporters are with Trump and about 1/3 of ALIPAC's folks are with Cruz.

    Our sincere advice is that unifying behind the front runner at this time is a good idea to decrease the chances that Clinton or the GOP establishment will win the Presidency through their planned billion dollar dirty tricks! There is Great Danger that the brutal GOP Primary is going to hand the race to Hillary Clinton, and if that happens, you can expect tens of millions more illegal aliens on the government dole, including your new Muslim "refugee" neighbors within the next 8 years!

    FOR Your Down Ballot races for Congress and US Senate, please consult our list of...

    ALIPAC Endorsements

    Cantor List Republican Incumbents that Support Obama's Amnesty for Illegals


    We are also happy to report that a dedicated supporter of ALIPAC has stepped forward with one last matching offer of $1,000, which will allow us to have enough funds to continue the fight if you respond to his offer.

    So we are asking for donations this weekend of $100, $50, $25, or $10 that will be matched dollar for dollar to keep ALIPAC alive through the primaries.

    Donate Now for Funds Match Offer at...

    ALIPAC will be making a special announcement on Sunday that will NOT be posted to Facebook or Twitter and will ONLY BE AVAILABLE AT and via our FREE email alerts! Please tune in by website or email alert for Sunday's announcement.
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