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    My Apology

    I'm very thankful for the rush of support coming in since yesterday's email. (review here)

    We may still be able to right our ship and the fate of ALIPAC will be determined by the response to our mailer which is now arriving to prior donors we have not heard from yet in 2020 and your online responses at...

    I hope that our past contributors will take our letter very seriously and respond quickly.

    I want to apologize to the supporters who received our letter below who have donated by check since Jan 1, 2020. I removed as many current donors as possible to conserve our limited funds and in my rush on the mailer (which was two weeks behind schedule) I did not remove all of you who gave by check.

    Please accept my apology for this mistake. It was my fault and I will strive to do better.

    Also, many of you have asked why you must put your information in twice at our donations link. This is because the Paypal corporation took away our access to our own donor contact info two years ago in an effort to prevent us from being in compliance with the FEC or being able to reach past donors. On our limited budget, we saved for more than a year to change our donations page to fix this problem caused by Silicon Valley elites, but unfortunately, you do have to enter your info twice at...

    Here is our letter going out to our prior donors! We are happy to be able to provide this mailed reminder service to our backers. If you receive our letter, please respond by mail or at this link as quickly as you can...

    ---- Letter Copy ----

    ALIPAC Contributor,

    You are one of those very special people we were able to reach and mobilize, despite the intense censorship we face from open-borders tech companies and the constant attacks from Soros backed groups that want to stop Americans like us from unifying against illegal immigration and Amnesty.

    Your prior donation to ALIPAC's efforts in 2018/2019 has helped us stop Amnesty legislation in DC from passing and helped us reach other Americans who share our concerns. Your donations helped send us to DC to lobby on your behalf and helped us support the Angel Families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien criminals.

    You are receiving this letter because you have not answered any of our email alert appeals to donate so far in 2020. Our activists have worked hard to get this letter to you, so please take action and rejoin us as a contributor at today!

    Secure Online donations page

    We really need you back as a donor because keeping Americans, who want to see our existing border and immigration laws enforced and American jobs and lives protected from illegal invaders, engaged each year is vital to our mission. We need your help to sustain and strengthen our national operations.

    The 2020 elections are in full swing and all across America there are great federal candidates who want to stand with us against illegal immigration. Please support them by renewing your financial support for

    We also have many great volunteers who care deeply about our nation who are traveling to help these pro-American secure borders candidates. ALIPAC was originally formed to provide support for volunteers like these, so please use the enclosed envelope to renew your support for ALIPAC's 2020 campaigns against illegal immigration, open-borders, and Amnesty today!

    I hope to see your name back on our current contributors for 2020 list soon.

    Thank you again for your past support. Please contact me if I may be of any assistance.

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    Special thanks to all of our current contributors who helped us raise the funds to afford this letter. ALIPAC will be forced to end our national efforts soon if we fail to persuade, motivate, or mobilize enough of you as donors soon by mail or at this secure link...
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