ALIPAC Activists,

Big thanks to all of you taking action this week to contact and complain to our new list of political targets we believe are working with the Koch brothers to push GOP lawmakers to pass Amnesty in the lame-duck Congress by Dec 21!

We have narrowed our list down to four pressure points. We removed Koch Industries because we are not sure if calls to those numbers are having any impact.

We do know your calls to the pro-Amnesty Koch brothers political groups are having an impact. We have been informed that FreedomWorks no longer receives funding from the Koch brothers and their leadership has informed us they are not engaging on immigration issues at this time. We are glad to hear that and have removed Freedomworks from our list.

Please focus all of your calls and Facebook posts on our 4 remaining political pressure points...

"I'm calling/writing to inform your organization that I stand with the vast majority of Americans who oppose Amnesty for illegal aliens and I want your organization _______ to stop pushing DC lawmakers to pass Amnesty for illegals at the behest of your paymasters the Koch brothers."

Americans for Prosperity --703-224-3200 | 703-224-3177
Libre Initiative -- 844-564-6542 |
Freedom Partners -- 571-898-2958
Cato Institute --

Keep the calls and posts going strong ALIPACers! You are being heard, and these groups are responding to your pressure. If we can mobilize enough of you, we may be able to thwart the lame-duck Amnesty plot by Dec 21!


PS: Please show your support for ALIPAC's efforts to stop lame-duck Amnesty. We do not have the funds needed to cover our expenses through the end of December and need your help at...