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    Nation Killing Dream Act Amnesty is Back!

    Senators Graham and Durbin have introduced the Dream Act Amnesty for 2+ million illegals, and if you want us to stand against it and hopefully defeat it again, we need to hear from you now at...

    As ALIPAC has warned this Jan-Feb of 2023, if we could not mobilize our base and activists quickly, our potential offense would stall, and we would have to return to deep defense.

    Now, it appears our HR 29 border security bill has stalled in the US House, and notorious sellout RINO Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has launched a new "Dream Act of 2023" Amnesty bill in the US Senate with his fellow open-borders globalist Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

    --->>>> The illegal immigration-supporting globalists are going back on offense, and they DO HAVE ENOUGH RINO REPUBLICANS TO PASS AMNESTY WITH THE DEMOCRATS IN BOTH THE US HOUSE AND SENATE! (Only a massive grassroots mobilization can stop them) <<<-------

    This Dream Act Amnesty legislation is a strategy DC elites crafted after we defeated mass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) Amnesty several times in Washington 2004-2010. The globalists plan to use younger illegals to pull on American heartstrings to get this Amnesty for 2 million illegals who claim they came as kids (many are lying) into law as the tip of the spear to penetrate America's armor. Then they will quickly force the 20+ million Amnesty all the way into our nation's heart, winning and ending the war in their favor.

    If Dream Act Amnesty gets passed us this year, the chances they eventually get the nation-killing CIR amnesty for tens of millions through is more than 90%.

    ALIPAC has defeated both Dream Act and CIR Amnesty before many times with your support, but to fight back in 2023, we need many more of you to respond and redeploy your support for our national anti-Amnesty organization immediately at...

    Your response levels, or lack thereof, will determine if, how, or when ALIPAC can start laying down a defense against Dream Act Amnesty 2023.

    Hope to hear from you quickly,

    William Gheen and the Volunteer Team

    PS: This weekend, we will begin the expensive and time-consuming effort to reach all of you who donated in 2021 and 2022 who have not donated yet in 2023 by mail. Please help us save precious time and funds by renewing your support for our national fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty today via our secure contributions link at...
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