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    National Battle Against Illegal Immigration Hinges on New Mexico Today: Take Action

    ALIPAC Activists in All States!

    We need a full national deployment into New Mexico today!

    As many of our long time supporters know, ALIPAC strategies and volunteers have played a key role in stopping several states like Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Maryland from giving licenses to illegal aliens. Licenses are very important to illegal aliens who seek to take American jobs and taxpayer resources.

    Only three states continue to give licenses to illegal aliens and they are New Mexico, Washington, and Utah!

    We have invested a lot of time and energy into cutting off the final license avenues for illegal aliens.


    We are very pleased to report that since you joined us in calls to New Mexico Tuesday, our bill stopping licenses for illegals has passed the NM House by a large margin.

    Please read and distribute....

    N.M. House Votes to Repeal Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants


    Analysts predict the NM Senate will not follow the NM House on this unless we have a MASSIVE PUBLIC OUTCRY!

    Thousands of calls are needed.

    STEP 1: After reading the article above, craft your own version of our new sample message. Keep it short but make it distinct and personalize each message to the exact senator you are calling and then writing.

    "Senator _____: I am calling/writing today to ask you to stand with the 77% of Americans who oppose licenses for illegal aliens. Licenses for illegals attract more illegal aliens into America and help them to take jobs and taxpayer resources which has a detrimental impact on legal immigrants and American citizens. Due to the fact that around 4 out of 5 of your constituents oppose licenses for illegal aliens, all American states except for 3 have ended the practice. Don't let New Mexico be the last state in America that is willfully assisting the illegal immigration invasion. We are organizing citizens like ourselves across New Mexico to make sure voters in your district know how you voted on the bill passed by the House to end this practice. Please stand with the 4 out of 5 American citizens who oppose licenses for illegals instead of illegal immigrants! The eyes of the nation are on New Mexico and the outcome of this legislation."

    Step 2: After drafting your own distinct message, pick up the phones and start calling as many members of the New Mexico State Senate. Many ALIPAC activists use Vonage lines, Internet phones, cell minutes, or pay for the long distance charges to make these calls. Calls are the most effective form of lobbying you can do short of face to face meetings. Too many people take a shortcut and just send emails which has little impact.

    We need thousands of calls in the next 48 hours to...

    Contact Info for NM state Senate

    Step 3: Once you have called a New Mexico Senator, then send a written reinforcement of your message by email. Remember to send one email at a time as bulk emails are likely to be screened out and blocked by their spam software.
    Remember to personalize each email as staff members will usually quickly delete emails that are not directed specifically to their member. Remember to make your own distinct message from our sample message and article as staff members will also discard emails they see people mass produce.

    ALIPAC's way takes more time, energy, and focus for turnkey activism but our methods are designed to WORK and have WORKED and will WORK if you do the WORK.

    If you have any questions, need any help, or would like to post your version of this message or any feedback you receive from NM Lawmakers, please make a post at this ACTIVISM TRACKING thread on our website...

    If we can convince enough of you to mobilize today, we can win a big victory against the illegals in New Mexico today where the most important battle against the invasion is happening in the next 48 hours.

    A win for Americans in New Mexico would send a loud message to illegals to get out of our nation and would increase pressure for them to leave as many sources claim they are already starting to do.

    The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Do you support ALIPAC's battle against licenses for illegal aliens and our past successes? We have only raised $10,000 of the $30,000 we must raise by March 20 to continue the fight. Please visit our donations page to contribute by MAIL or ONLINE today at....
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    Licenses are very important to illegal aliens that seek to take American jobs and taxpayer resources.
    They are also a key instrument used in identity theft, and establishing residency, employment, and illegal alien voting.
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    Scroll down for New Mexico Senate contact page...

    Reference bill- HB 103 and YES-YES-YES you SUPPORT THIS BILL!
    HB 103 DENIES Drivers Licenses to the Illegal Alien Invaders! And I Support HB 103!
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    Update! Going to committee in the morning...

    The sponsor of the NM state senate bill no. 235 to limit drivers licenses is Senator Timothy Jennings; it will be heard before the NM Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow.
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