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    Nationwide Search for twice deported mass murder illegal alien Francisco Oropeza


    Twice Deported Illegal Alien Wanted for AR-15 Mass Murder Near Houston

    Francisco Oropeza may have Obama Fast & Furious Gun

    For National Release | April 30, 2023

    Law enforcement agencies and US citizens nationwide are asked to be on the lookout and exercise extreme caution during the manhunt for a twice-deported illegal immigrant named Francisco Oropeza, who is wanted for using an AR-15 style rifle to mass murder his Honduran neighbors near the notorious sanctuary city Houston.

    While most mainstream news channels are omitting suspect Francisco Oropeza's status as an "undocumented immigrant," supported by the Biden Harris administration open-borders and deportation moratorium policies, AOL News is reporting authorities at the scene, told reporters that Mr. Oropeza, an illegal alien from Mexico, had been deported at least twice before the tragedy on Friday night, according to Univision 45 Houston.

    CNN reports, "Multiple people were later found dead around the home in different rooms, including two female victims in a bedroom who authorities believe used their bodies to shield two young children who survived... Those killed were shot "almost execution style," above the neck at close range" An eight-year-old child was killed in the attack.

    Wilson Paz, the Honduras director general of migrant protection, confirmed to CNN that all five victims are Honduran.

    "This execution style mass murder by illegal immigrant Francisco Oropeza near Houston is unfortunately just the latest of many atrocities committed on US soil due to the illegal and unconstitutional open-borders policies the Biden Harris administration," said William Gheen, Spokesperson for "Crimes by illegals in America are 100% preventable and would never happen here if our borders were secured and our existing immigration and deportation laws were adequately enforced as most Americans desire and our Constitution requires."

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is releasing a picture and wanted information provided by law enforcement authorities for Francisco Oropeza and is calling on the press and government agencies to determine if the AR-15 used by Oropeza is one of the many Obama's Fast and Furious scandal guns purchased for drug cartels with taxpayer resources during the Obama administration like the gun used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

    This heinous and preventable crime is being added to ALIPAC's archives which are uploaded into the US Library of Congress as a lasting record of the numerous negative impacts of illegal immigration, Amnesty, and open borders in America.


    ALIPAC has until sunrise Monday morning to raise another $700+ to cover our national operations expenses for April or will be forced to stand down for good. If you value our efforts, show your support with $10 at...
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