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Thread: Obama's DACA Amnesty Will Kill Trump's Campaign

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    Obama's DACA Amnesty Will Kill Trump's Campaign

    Obama's DACA Amnesty Will Kill Trump's Campaign

    For National Release | July 14, 2020

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    There is a strong sense of betrayal among many Trump voters upon learning of the President's recent admission to Telemundo and MSNBC that he is planning a bill or executive order to give a "road to citizenship" Amnesty to Obama's DACA illegal aliens, which will hurt his reelection campaign and provide an additional million voters to the Democrat Party after 2020.

    ALIPAC surveyed the national organization's social media pages and 50k email subscribers and found more than 90% oppose Trump's shocking reversal on DACA, and more than 80% say such a move will decrease their support for President Trump.

    While many indicate they will still be forced to vote for Donald Trump as the lesser of two evils since Biden supports even larger Amnesties, the reaction among Trump's base suggests such a move will cripple his reelection campaign and harm many down-ballot GOP candidates as well.

    In 2016, ALIPAC endorsed Trump and facilitated many contributions and volunteers, but had to rescind the group's endorsement when Trump broke his promise to end DACA in his first year before any courts got involved.

    "Trump campaigned on ending DACA and deporting illegals in 2016, and that is why so many of his most ardent supporters feel shocked, dismayed, and betrayed by his announced plan to put illegal aliens on a road to citizenship and voting rights, which is Amnesty," said William Gheen, spokesman for "Trump is probably getting some bogus polling data from pro-Amnesty sources and is making a big mistake. If he signs any order or bill giving Obama's DACA illegals what they want, his campaign for President will take massive damage when prior supporters become less likely to contribute, volunteer, speak out for him, or show up on Election Day which will hurt all GOP candidates."

    ALIPAC is moving rapidly to try to put a stop to this latest Amnesty plan for illegals in DC by focusing on sharing the following information with Trump supporters, the media, and down-ballot campaigns before the President proceeds with this disastrous mistake.

    4 Main Points Against DACA Amnesty

    -- Trump's "Road to Citizenship" for DACA illegals will give the Democrats enough new voters to take full and permanent control of US national elections, all of the federal government, laws, and policies permanently! (e.g., California)

    -- A "Road to Citizenship" and voting rights for illegals is Amnesty.

    -- Trump's reelection campaign will be severely damaged by Obama's DACA Amnesty and will create strong downward election coattails for Republican campaigns for Governor, Congress, US Senate, and state assemblies.

    -- Trump critics and campaign commercials claiming Donald Trump is untrustworthy, or a "serial liar" will be proven correct by his reversal on ending DACA and sending illegals home as he had promised in 2016 and will demoralize many of his supporters.

    Trump voters and down-ballot GOP candidates are encouraged to contact the Trump campaign and White House, if possible, to encourage President Trump to back away from his plans to give executive order Amnesty to DACA illegals because this will allow Obama's DACA Amnesty to wreck his reelection campaign!

    ALIPAC believes this disastrous DACA Amnesty plan is probably being influenced by Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and former George W. Bush official John Yoo.

    ALIPAC encourages President Trump to stop listening to Jared Kushner and start listening to Tucker Carlson instead!

    For more information or to schedule interviews, please visit


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    I do feel betrayed!!!!
    NO!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!
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    Complete lawlessness and Trump had better not support this!!!

    End DACA

    Work permits expire

    They are ordered for removal and go home and apply



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    President Trump mentioned DACA a few times at his lengthy talk this evening. He is going to take care of these illegal aliens as the democrats have failed to do.
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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