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Thread: Online Poll: Do you Support or Oppose Trump's new plan to bring in foreign labor

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    Oppose! Illegal is Illegal. It's their parents fault and their parents problems. We, the US Citizen/Taxpayer, have enough of our own problems...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ALIPAC View Post
    He was talking about providing foreign imported immigrant labor through his new "merit based" immigration system to fill the new jobs opening up through Apple, Chrysler, and Foxconn.

    This plan stinks and further breaks with his campaign promises to put Americans first.

    It is no help to America for those companies to open new facilities in America if they are only going to fill them with foreign workers. I guess we Americans will be lucky to be their janitors or secondary service providers in teh community.
    There is no immigration that helps America at this point.

    However, Trump did campaign on converting the existing green card system to a merit-based system and reducing the numbers since he announced his run for President in 2015. That's why he worked with Senators Cotton and Perdue to draft the Raise Act that does this and reduces the number of green cards each year from 1.1 million to 500,000. Unfortunately, there aren't enough Republicans in the US Senate to pass it, that bill needs 60 votes in the Senate to pass.

    Short of that, Trump supported the Goodlatte bill in the House that converts to a merit-based system and reduces green cards by about 25%, but also gives DACA amnesty (HISS BOO!). But I don't think that bill can pass either and of course we don't want such a compromise.

    So bottom-line is we need more Republicans in the Congress, especially the Senate, to reduce legal immigration and raise the standards to stop importing poverty.

    Also, we don't want any immigration fix that 1) creates imported foreign competition for US workers, 2) increases poverty in the US either for immigrants or citizens, 3) grants amnesty to illegal aliens. The bill that most closely aligns with these goals is the Raise Act. The Raise Act while curtailing legal immigration as described above, also robustly funds the wall, border security and interior enforcement to address the scourge of illegal immigration and does so without any "deal" or "amnesty". It also authorizes state and local law enforcement to engage in enforcing US immigration law without fear of reprisals or lawsuits from the federal government for doing so.

    So PLEASE VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2018 so we can fix our country! We're just 10 to 11 Senate seats from having our "dreams" come true!

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    1,000,000,000,000,000%%%% VEHEMENTLY OPPOSE!!!

    VOTE on Facebook (HERE)

    Vote on Twitter (HERE)

    Vote on GAB (HERE)

    Vote at ALIPAC (HERE)

    Feel free to vote in each online poll or Reply to this e-mail with the word Support or Oppose in your subject line.

    The ALIPAC Team

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    I oppose all foreign labor. The US has all the labor it needs.
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    Foreign labor does not pay FICA. They do not pay into our social security or Medicare.

    We DO NOT need them!

    Or they should pay 25% of their paycheck into SS funds! They should get none of it.

    That is the price YOU pay for the privilege to work here.

    Do the job then get out...we prefer they do NOT come here at all.

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    Foreign labor is a drain on the United States, not a contribution.
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