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Thread: Online Poll: President Trump's Endorsement of Amnesty for millions of illegals

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALIPAC View Post
    Here are some votes and comments on this poll from our ALIPAC Alerts email list supporters....
    President Trump's endorsement of Ryan's trick Amnesty bill is disappointing but not unexpected. Trump is rash and unpredictable easily swayed on many matters, but he's also a liar. He even has his supporters believing he's a god who can do no wrong. They've even turned to a internet fraud called Q Anon, who claims Trump is playing 4-d chess so when he says one thing he really means another to deceive the "deep state". Confusing, you bet.

    So where do we stand? We have a reality T.V. star running a daily soap opera with a complicit media employing weapons of mass distraction against the American people.

    We are right back where we started, but the real America will prevail.
    I very much understand what this person is seeing as I have seen and recognized this for over a year now.
    I am referencing the part about Q anon and 4-d chess, and that his supporters think he is a god.

    This is as frightening as the illegal border invaders. These supporters are not trolls, bots, or teenagers. I posted with many of them before the election and they had the exact same opinion as I have, but now they are falling for this head over hills, and they will call anyone who attempts to hold him accountable a troll, a never trumper, a hillary bot, and worse.

    How can we hold our elected officials accountable when a good portion of his base has appeared to develop this cult like thinking and behavior?

    I am not sure how large this group is but I know 2 well known conservative sites where they are the vast majority, or perhaps they are the vast majority because they have run off all the other posters.
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    I love This guy but I was very disappointed with him backing Ryan! Whatever happened to our IMMIGRATION LAWS? They keep saying (BOTH Repubs & Commiecrats) that our laws are broken! THEY ARE NOT BROKEN, they're just not being enforced
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    Here are more responses to our ALIPAC Poll we have recieved by e-mail....

    Their 1st interaction with our nation is to willfully violate our laws with the agenda of racking up on 'free stuff'...?? NO.. get them gone and there should be NO ROUTE FOR THEM TO EVER ENTER THE US ON ANY BASIS!


    To say that we are disappointed, is an understatement. ‎But this is nothing new. We have become accustomed to being lied to. President Trump promised to dissolve the unconstitutional DACA memo on his first day in office. When that day came , and passed, and then within a few days was deleted from the website, we knew that a bait and switch happened .
    As hispanic Republicans, who defend our history , Constitution, and principles everyday to the immigrant community, and on the front lines of controversy within our family, it is quite a stab in the back. It seems that President Trump will give anything for his wall. No one wants the wall more than we do, but you can't compromise what is right. It is not right to disrespect our own laws, which are the fruit of prior elections . They are the will of the people! To do so, turns on its head everything we say that we believe in. It communicates to the world that we believe in nothing more than the pragmatic. The law makers of today are not more compassionate, smarter etc., than those prior lawmakers. From Rubio to Ryan, it is an outrage!
    Amnesty is bad policy. Always has been. But the people who are hurt the most, are the people of Central America. CA has been emptied of her husbands and fathers, so that now lone children cross a border. The vacuum there is filled by drug cartels and the deported criminal gangs. "Made in the USA", MS13 is a product of our unwillingness to protect our own border and has then gone on to devastate those CA communities by the deported .
    Shame on us, that we have been so apathetic, and so trusting of our representatives to do the right thing. They were corrupted by the Chamber of Commerce and the greedy globalists , who then payed them off by financing their campaigns.
    We are ready to not be Republicans any longer. We had rather throw our vote away on an un-electable truth teller, rather than to be lied to anymore.


    Not sure what he is playing at? Does he think by going along he will get the wall, e-verify, end the lottery and chain migration? surely he must understand that to endorse DACA and a massive amnesty is going to destroy his support with the people that put him in the WH - its absolute political suicide. Didn't he say last week that he would sign neither bill if either came before him? Of course our bolshevik media is not going to call him out on his backtracking, so, its up to organizations like ALIPAC to demonstrate to him that pursuing an amnesty will be his undoing.

    Keep up the Fight!


    1. Yes

    I am 100% disappointed!


    Yes I am. Any form of amnesty only encourages more illegal immigration and child trafficking.


    YES ... VERY disappointed that Trump appears to be folding to the all too familiar political pressure of trying to please too many people. Mr.Trump should decide that he will be a one term President, and get to work HARD & FAST, doing everything he promised his conservative base he'd do, and stop thinking about the next election 2 years from now.

    --- End DACA, Day One ...
    --- Build Wall, no delay ...
    --- Rescind Clinton EO13166, NOW !
    --- Create EO, ending diversity lottery, NOW !
    --- End birthright citizenship, FIX 14th Amendment !!
    --- Repeal ObamaCare, NOW !

    And lastly, get a clue about what your base demands.


    Yes I am. He knows rewarding bad behavior will get more bad behavior.


    A. Yes but we have to keep at him and let him know how we feel cause things would have been thousands of times worse if Hillary gets in!


    He campaigned No Amnesty, stick to it.


    We have been EXTREMELY disappointed with the whole year of 2018 in President Trump and the Republicans. It has been squandered with DACA, Gun Control, Big Spending (including planned parenthood), increasing visas for farm workers and for high-tech and hospitality industry,…and now pathways to amnesty.

    Because of this we will not be voting for President Trump again or Senator Pat Toomay. We are debating voting for Sen. Barletta who has been an honorable man. We do thank them all for the tax cuts, reducing regulations, and court appointments but it is not worth voting for them again given their efforts in 2018.

    We have already been encouraging others to do the same.


    Comments: President Trump virtually unzipped his fly and urinated on all of his supporters and Americans in general by supporting "Rat Ryan's" trick amnesty bill. This proves no politician can ever be trusted to any extent. If heroic groups like Alipac do not continue to fight against the 3rd World transformation of the United States, then America is doomed.


    Trump is doing exactly what the voters who put him in office, specifically voted him NOT TO DO...this sell-out behavior(s) is a DISASTER!!


    Yes, I’m disappointed. Ryan must go now. So should McConnell and a bunch more of them, like Feinstein


    A - Yes. Trump is more than willing to betray us.


    No amnesty under any conditions. Illegal aliens are illegal...period. We can not reward illegal behavior, especially when they are demanding it. Keep families together by stopping them at the border and sending them back to their own country. We can not afford any more assistance. Our veterans, elderly, and citizens deserve better.

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