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    Online volunteers needed to fight for America


    If you support what ALIPAC is trying to do for America, we need your backing at


    ALIPAC needs more online volunteers for the following efforts, detailed below.

    Please RSVP to this email with your name and state and items you are interested in, if you are willing to volunteer to fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty on your own hours from anywhere in the US.

    Compromised Joe Biden is now letting in large numbers of illegals from China (View Source) who are likely to side with China in a war over Taiwan, and the Governors of Texas and Florida need our support for invoking the invasion clause of the Constitution (View Source) as we've encouraged them to do!

    RSVP (By email with your name & state) If You Are Willing To Consider working as a volunteer from home (or any location) any hours of your choosing, using any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to...

    -- Read, Comment on, and share posts / contents with a registered anonymous account at

    Work with other online activists to research and create ALIPAC's Soros List that details the George Soros backed District Attornies who are letting criminals and illegals roam free in many major US cities.

    -- Operate, moderate, and circulate ALIPAC's currently unmanned Facebook and social media pages that are underutilized at this time due to a shortage of trustworthy online volunteers to moderate and pilot them.

    -- Search for, collect and post articles about illegal immigration battles in our states, along with documentation of non-citizens and illegal aliens registering and voting in US elections to archive that info at for our aggregation pages we share with lawmakers and media.

    I am personally coordinating new volunteers willing to come help our beleaguered volunteer team who need help and backup!

    Hope to hear from many of you soon,

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
    (919) 787-6009

    PS: More people are starting to respond to our funds drive. If you are past donor who has not yet contributed in 2023 or a first-time supporter, please help us with your contribution at...
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