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Thread: Open Letter To ALIPAC Endorsed US Senators Opposing DACA

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    Open Letter To ALIPAC Endorsed US Senators Opposing DACA

    Senators Shelby, Cotton, Boozman, Grassley, Scott, Thune, and Lee:

    Our organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has standing endorsements for your campaigns because we believe that you stand with America's existing immigration and border laws and against Amnesty.

    We've asked our supporters to donate to, volunteer for, and vote for your campaigns because we believe you are more loyal to the American public on immigration issues than the elite special interests in DC who are pressuring you to pass a new Amnesty bill for DACA Dream Act illegal aliens.

    This letter is to inform you that any DC lawmaker who votes for or indicates any support for DACA Dream Act Amnesty will be moved from ALIPAC's endorsement list to our Cantor List of DC lawmakers who need to be replaced in the earliest GOP primaries. Our Cantor List is so named because of our success in electing Rep. Dave Brat over Eric Cantor who had backed Amnesty.

    We ask that you aggressively and publicly fight against and vote against any bill that contains any change in our existing laws to accommodate illegal immigrants.

    Not only are the current Obama now Trump supported DACA Amnesty orders overtly unconstitutional, but federal lawmakers and employees administrating DACA are committing felonies by breaking our existing laws against employing illegals!

    Here are our four most important reasons for opposing DACA Dream Act legislation:

    1. DACA, Dream Act, and Comprehensive Amnesty discussions increase illegal immigration into America by expectant illegals who are coming here to be accommodated and aided by our own government instead of being repelled or punished for breaking our laws.

    2. Passing DACA Amnesty into law was not what Trump campaigned on, and each day DC politicians push to make DACA into law, more American feel deeply betrayed and misled by this bait and switch!

    3. Americans have no reason to believe new immigration laws will be enforced in exchange for Amnesty because our current laws go mostly unenforced today in America, because the last Dream Act legislation of 2010 had a hidden clause that would allow all enforcement measures to be waived, and because the promises of the 1986 Amnesty under Reagan went unenforced while the Amnesty proceeded, which created the current crisis of 12-20 million illegals in America.

    4. The courts will not allow Congress to create a second class of citizenship by trying to legalize illegal immigrants while withholding voting rights, and any path to voting rights for millions of illegal aliens will eventually give permanent control of U.S. elections and all branches of government to the Democrats who will, in turn, destroy America's borders and sovereignty forevermore.

    Please do not believe the fake propaganda polls being run by pro-Amnesty corporations like Fox News, the Associated Press, and the Washington Post. You can be assured that a majority of Americans and super majorities of GOP primary voters oppose DACA and any other form of Amnesty for illegals. Your campaign's internal polling should show you this is true.

    We hope to see you speaking out against DACA Amnesty and in favor of our government showing Americans our existing immigration laws will be enforced soon so that we can continue to endorse and support you!

    William Gheen
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