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    Our greatest accomplishment against Amnesty & illegal immigration

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    At ALIPAC, we are about to update our List of Accomplishments (View) page with our achievements for 2019.

    Since our e-mail alerts list has many new members who have joined this year, we want to remind everyone that we have fought successful battles, others did not because they 1. Didn't even know others were fighting these battles against illegal immigration. 2. Did not believe we could fight and win. 3. Suffer from the American apathy that makes this invasion of our homeland possible.

    You can see many important battles on the list, but ALIPAC's greatest achievement has been playing a key role in stopping Amnesty legislation in DC 10 times since 2004.

    And in many states, we have saved lives and stoped illegals from taking your jobs and seats in college by stopping licenses and in-state tuition for illegals legislation while setting up 287g programs to get ICE holds on them when arrested for crimes.

    The globalist elites had planned to have Congress rubber-stamp their highly illegal and un-Constitutional invasion policies and defacto Amnesty for illegal aliens being created by the Executive Branch 15 years ago!

    But we have held their agenda back!

    And each day that immigration reform, guest worker, temporary worker, gang of eight style AMNESTY legislation has not passed is a day that this invasion AND GLOBALIST AGENDA remains vulnerable and reversible.

    Today in 2019, all illegal aliens are deportable under current laws and do not have legal standing to work jobs or vote even though such illegal policies are being conducted by our own government.

    Thanks to those of you who have paid attention, volunteered, and donated to make our fight possible, the war is not lost, and a way out of this deadly nation-destroying trap remains possible.

    Our opponents have spent many millions of dollars compared to each dollar you have spent through ALIPAC in this fight, yet we have prevailed because we are the Vox Populi and the vast majority of America's legal citizens agree with us and want the illegals to go home.

    As Americans we have every right to expect our existing laws to be enforced and for illegals to be repelled at our borders and deported in large numbers because these are the laws created through the elections we have voted in over the last several decades!

    Current policies giving Amnesty to DACA illegals and fake asylum seekers at our borders are not laws! These are policies derived from Executive Branch memos and orders combined with liberal lower court activist judges who do not have control of American laws!

    The United States is currently under a form of martial law. Not the kind of martial law you see in movies with tanks and soldiers in the streets, but from the suspension of normal law in America.

    America is clearly not under normal law or Constitutional governance as long as illegals are streaming across our borders with the assistance of government agencies, taxpayer monies, and elite politicians, corporations, and billionaires like Soros.

    Our greatest accomplishment at ALIPAC is has been defeating Amnesty legislation in DC that would have won the war for the illegals and their backers and made this invasion irreversible through peaceful political means.

    We want to extend our heartfelt thanks and salutations to each of you who have helped in any way over the last 15 years through!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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