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Thread: Our greatest challenge against illegal immigration is before us

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    Our greatest challenge against illegal immigration is before us

    Allied Americans,

    While the wonderful distractions of the Holidays are heavy on everyone's minds and schedules, we must do our best to turn everyone's attention to what is definitively the greatest challenge we have ever faced in ALIPAC's 11 year struggle against illegal immigration and amnesty.

    In about 4 months, many of the GOP primaries will be over and we will have either thrown out more Eric Cantor type open borders Republicans, which require nothing short of miraculous grass roots efforts, or the US Chamber of Commerce will be standing victorious over the burning refuse of the anti-amnesty campaigns we are going to support!

    But we are beaten before we can even fight in any of the 100 races on ALIPAC's Cantor List where we have failed to recruit, inspire, or identify a GOP primary challenger who supports the current immigration laws like we do.

    This will be the first time that ALIPAC's candidate campaign and elections efforts have been in motion before the filing periods for races open and close.

    You can bet that Karl Rove's political machine is hard at work out there and they already have many very slimy and deceptive candidates lined up to run against vulnerable Democrats and Conservative Republicans who have stood up against the Open Borders Lobby like the 77 on ALIPAC's endorsement list! (Click to view.)

    We would now like to bring your attention to the filing dates.

    Primary Filing Dates for 2016--

    WARNING: Filing windows are already closed in the states of Alabama, Illinois, and Arkansas! Texas closes in two weeks on Dec. 14!

    Please take the following steps.

    Step 1: Locate on the Cantor List the illegal alien amnesty supporting Republicans in your state or closest to you geographically.

    Step 2: Make note of the filing dates for that state.

    Step 3: Notify if you are willing to volunteer to help monitor that race and spread the word that...

    "The 2016 GOP Primaries are elections where candidates who oppose illegal immigration and amnesty can run against corrupt incumbents on the Cantor List and win with only a fraction of the funds by being strong against illegal immigration like Donald Trump. ALIPAC and other groups are working to bring in the know how that brought down Eric Cantor!"

    We need volunteers willing to play "man to man" (or woman to man of course lol) for us on the 100 targets.

    We need 100 candidates on our side and we need 100 ALIPAC volunteers to cover each Cantor List target!

    We can only defeat a historic number of GOP incumbents on this issue and replace them with more pro American lawmakers if we work together as an effective national team to get more candidates on our support list ASAP!

    We hope to hear from our volunteers on this soon.

    Let's mobilize, Americans! We need a full mobilization for the month of December to accomplish our ambitious and unprecedented goals.

    William Gheen
    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
    FEC ID: C00405878

    PS: Please help us monitor and support candidates in these 100 races and post articles you find about those races in our rapid news collection area where so many people read and comment on the illegal immigration news each day at...
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