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We have made a major change at

We have moved the video section of our website up to the second slot right after our Announcements section which contains our email alerts, press releases, and ALIPAC released articles. We believe these videos can greatly assist our efforts against illegal immigration and those who support Amnesty for illegals.

At this time there are many journalists, video bloggers, researchers, and pundits on Youtube who share our concerns about illegal immigration and open borders. Their videos are educational, informative, and helpful in the fight for our nation's sovereignty and security.

We have moved the video section to the second slot with new titles and descriptions so our activists can start to give more support to these video content creators. We also need to monitor these video channels to see which ones are taken down by Silicon Valley censors next as the totalitarian control and surveillance systems around us crackdown.

Please take the time to check out our new video section, watch some videos, comment on Youtube and ALIPAC, and share the videos you like with others. You may watch the videos with your desktop, Ipad, smartphone, or other mobile devices on or you can click on the link beneath each video to watch on Youtube if you prefer.

Please let us know what you think of this new section on our site, our efforts to support these content creators, and the videos.

Videos about Illegal Immigration, refugee programs, globalism, & socialism


PS: If you find our website helpful or enjoy the new videos section and would like to help ALIPAC support these content creators who are concerned about illegal immigration and related issues, then please make a donation via our secure online contributions pages....

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