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    Our Press & Plans to fight Amnesty bills next week

    At ALIPAC, we will be using this holiday weekend to prepare to fight to stop the Amnesty bills HR 5038 and HB 6 by lobbying the Senate and White House starting next Monday! Please help us prepare for the last battles of 2019 next Monday through Friday by contributing at--

    Here is a list of the 34 GOP Reps who joined with the Democrats to pass the Farm Worker Modernization Act Amnesty and outsourcing bill HR 5038--

    Here is the our press coverage of ALIPAC's Press Release (Review Here) showing the list of conservative news sources that are close to the White House who betrayed their anti-amnesty audiences and kept silent before the vote!

    ALIPAC in the News!

    House Approves Farmworker Amnesty, Promotes Visa Workers over Americans

    House Sneaks Through Amnesty Bill, Subsidizing Visa Farmworkers While Nation Focused on Impeachment

    If anyone receiving this message would be willing to help us fuel up for Monday's fight to stop these Amnesty bills that now have great momentum in DC, please chip in $10-$100 or more via our secure online donations page at--

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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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