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    Our release on noncitizen voters is under attack!

    We are under attack! We need volunteers to help us fight back the right way ASAP!

    Swarms of online trolls, many of which are likely paid operatives, are swarming our release from yesterday's Proof Noncitizens and illegals are a nationwide threat to US Elections (Review HERE)

    These online operatives are on a mission to discredit us as a source and our documented info.

    The New York Times and Associated Press "Fact Checkers" may already be in motion to cook up a hit piece on our release and concerns to then have Facebook and Google censor the info, which is spreading rapidly and viewed 44,000+ times on Twitter and 2,815+ at the time of this email update thanks to your efforts to fund ALIPAC and share this content.

    Now we need American patriots to share this info further and defend it online, please take the following steps to engage...

    The two main battle points are on Facebook & Twitter here....

    & here...

    Use these activism tips at the battle points.

    Step 1
    : Post, share, and find a way to email these links to lawmakers, media, and candidates in your state. We need these links all over social media, websites, online forums, comment sections on Youtube, comments sections under article, mentioned in calls in to talk radio shows, etc...

    Battle Links

    New site with documentation of noncitizens and illegals voting in federal elections

    ALIPAC article collection area of documentation

    Tracking list of specific examples

    Step 2: Your mission is not to persuade the attack trolls to our side but to counter their false claims and smears by posting A. Links to proof above. B. Reasons and examples why you believe noncitizens & illegals are a "systemwide threat to US elections" and C. Cut and paste comments from our tracking list of examples and keep putting those in their face!

    This will show citizen and lawmaker observers and social media reviewers that we have a legitimate concern backed up by facts! Also, each post you make and each post our opponents make brings our original post and claim to larger audiences!

    Step 3
    : We will be updated the examples list, new website, and collection area with more and more documentation each day. Please monitor and utilize these and look for my comments from William Gheen or ALIPAC in the troll fights. <I'm hoping my fighting style will inspire and help guide you.

    Pay attention to what ALIPAC says, how we respond, and how we handle the fight.... and then engage!

    We have a hell of a fight on our hands and appear to have marched right on to the battlefield that was already embroiled this past weekend.

    You may reach me to report or ask for activism tips directly by responding to this email.

    Let's roll ALIPACERs!

    William Gheen
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