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    Outreach, repairs, and upgrades

    If you found out about our struggle against illegal immigration, illegal immigrant crimes, and election fraud, and nation-wrecking Amnesty legislation through a talk radio show, podcast, boosted or advertised social media post, online ad, or on the search engines, that all took work and funds to make possible.

    Our activist volunteers do most of the heavy lifting at but the time has come for us to invest in some much needed and overdue repairs and upgrades that will help us reach more Americans like us. We also have some bills due that must be paid so we can continue to reach out to more Americans that share our concerns.

    We must make payments on these items this week, and we need to raise another $2,000 quickly. Please help us by donating (HERE) ...

    then sharing this request by e-mail, (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE)

    Your donations will be used to organize more Americans to stand beside you in this struggle to stop and reverse illegal immigration. Please help us grow stronger and grow our ranks for the battles ahead by donating $20, $50... $200 now at..

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