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Thread: PAC Drops Endorsement of Rep. Joe Barton due to his Surprise Support for Amnesty

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    PAC Drops Endorsement of Rep. Joe Barton due to his Surprise Support for Amnesty

    PAC Drops Endorsement of Rep. Joe Barton Due to his surprise support for amnesty

    April 28, 2014

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) | (866) 703-0864

    Surprised by Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) (202-225-2002) announcement last Friday in the Dallas Morning news that he now supports a path to legalization, through a new guest worker program that would remove current penalties of law for millions of illegal immigration, ALIPAC is dropping the national organization's standing endorsement of his campaign and adding him to the list of GOP lawmakers that support amnesty for illegal immigrants instead.

    Changing America's existing immigration laws which are designed to deter illegal immigration in order to accommodate tens of millions of illegal immigrants is a form of amnesty. Furthermore, illegal immigrants that are accommodated will one day vote against any candidate that supports borders and equitable laws in America!

    "Rep. Joe Barton is playing the Republican trickster game where he says he wants to give illegal aliens a form of legal status but not citizenship and voting rights," said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. "You do not have to be a legal scholar or a lawyer to know the courts will quickly strike down any attempt of Congress to create a second class version of citizenship. Joe Barton's illegal immigrants would eventually be given voting rights by the courts thus destroying any future hopes for border or immigration law enforcement. His promises of border security are bitter lies that will never come to fruition if the amnesty portion of his expected bill ever becomes law!"

    Many Republican lawmakers have recently been added to the 'GOP Traitor' list due to their efforts to help Barack Obama change existing laws to accommodate tens of millions of illegal immigrants with a form of amnesty called 'immigration reform'. GOP lawmakers refuse to use the word amnesty to describe their actions because they are quite aware that more than 80% of Republican voters reject amnesty because they know such actions will only lead to more illegal immigration in the future.

    In 1987, Congress passed the Simpson-Mazzolie Act which granted amnesty for approximately 3 million illegal aliens. Almost all of the enforcement promises of the bill were never adequately implemented. This resulted in the current 12-20 million illegal immigrants in America.

    "Using the lessons learned and mathematics established by the 1987 amnesty for illegals, we can estimate that any new form of amnesty, legalization, guest worker visa, etc... will result in more than 40 million new illegal immigrants entering America in the next two decades!" said William Gheen.

    ALIPAC has dropped all support for Representative Joe Barton which had been originally based on his high rankings and grades with NumbersUSA. ALIPAC is now seeking another candidate to run replace Joe Barton who has betrayed a majority of his constituents by supporting the interests of the costly and deadly illegal immigrant invasion of America over American taxpayers.

    For more information about which federal candidates support or oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, please review our standing endorsements (CLICK HERE) or visit

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    Yet another Rino in government, getting to be quite a herd of them now. Write these Rinos name down and DO NOT SUPPORT THEM! There is another name for them besides Rino, TRAITOR!

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    I can not prove it; I have no evidence except for the very strange behavior of a politician who suddenly changes from being opposed to amnesty to being for it. All of the information has been out there for a very long time. There is nothing new that could explain the sudden turn around of some Congressmen -- except corruption, some mega rich computer geek purchasing and a Congressman selling his vote. This is opinion, of course, but disenfranchised real American citizens believe it is true because how else can one explain how one Congressman after another suddenly changes from being against amnesty to being for it? The pattern itself is suspicious because the mega rich have been spending mega bucks lobbying for amnesty while the little guy citizen has, wisely, been opposed to it. There is no public outcry to give amnesty to illegal aliens. Only the super rich and their institutions want it.

    The corruption surrounding the amnesty for illegal aliens is a scandal that has long been suppressed by the Marxist controlled media. The stench of corruption is rising from the incomprehensible desire, the almost fanatical drive, by the political elitists to shove amnesty, from the top down, upon reluctant workingman Americans.

    We must demand they look us in the eye, look into a TV camera and say, "I am not a crook; I have not sold my vote and my honor to Mark Zuckerberg and his mega rich pals."

    CONGRESSMEN FOR AMNESTY, WE NEED TO HEAR YOU SAY THAT. And maybe we will believe you-- or not.
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