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    Patriot Candidate Sandy Smith R-NC-1 under Attack by Dirty DCCC

    Comment on & share this warning by email & social media at (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA HERE)

    American Patriots,

    Our ALIPAC Endorsed candidate Sandy Smith who is also considered a True Reformer by our friends at NumbersUSA is under new attack by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which has launched a barrage of expensive, negative, and false campaign ads against her.

    DC Swamp critters Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are targeting Sandy and she needs our help!

    This is happening in the newly drawn first congressional district of North Carolina, where Sandy Smith's truly conservative campaign overcame a crowded field of GOP primary candidates to advance into the general election on Nov 8.

    While the Democrats have a slight advantage numerically in this district, the fact Pelosi & Schumer's dirty DCCC is launching deceptive, false, expensive, and below-the-belt attack ads indicates their polling data shows them that our conservative candidate Sandy Smith has a strong chance of winning this seat on Nov 8.

    It would be a historical upset for the Democrats for a Republican and true American Patriot like Sandy Smith to win the 1st district!

    Sandy Smith will be an outspoken national leader against illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens! She is in touch with the people of her district, and voters of all genders, races, and parties understand Sandy Smith is the candidate that will represent their interests over the corrupt DC special interests.

    That is why we have seen dirty negative campaign ads directed at Sandy Smith from the leadership of both the Democrat and Republican Washington DC insiders!

    Please spread the word and take steps to help Sandy Smith for Congress.

    Please visit Sandy's website to donate anything you can. Even $10 helps, and larger donations of $25, $50, and $100+ will help Sandy overcome these attacks.

    If you live in or anywhere near the first district (VIEW MAP) and you would like to volunteer to help Sandy Smith's campaign by attending events, putting out signs, knocking on doors, calling voters, assembling campaign mail, etc... Please email your contact info to her campaign manager Brandon Hawks at

    You can also help Sandy Smith from anywhere in America by signing up for her campaign's email alerts...

    And join her social media pages where you comment and share her posts!

    Sandy Smith for Congress on Facebook

    Sandy Smith for Congress on Twitter: @SandySmithNC

    Our ALIPAC activists like you should be well versed in what you can do as an online activist circulating emails and social media posts to back a candidate in a race that will have national implications for issues like border security and illegal immigration.

    Let's get everyone doing all we can for Sandy Smith to help her withstand and overcome these dirty attacks from the Democrats and their candidate Don Davis!

    The Team
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