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    Poll: Will you support an effort to combat Silicon Valley censorship of your voice?

    Share this poll by email or on (Facebook HERE) .. (Twitter HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE)

    Survey (Please reply with answers to

    1. Would you support ALIPAC leading the charge on a new DC Lobbying campaign July (Either July 17 & 18 or July 24 & 25) to deliver packets informing lawmakers, media, and agencies like the DOJ about Google, Facebook, & Twitter violating the civil rights of Americans who oppose their pro-Amnesty, hyper legal immigration, open borders agenda? Y/N?

    2. Would you support this effort as a volunteer A. from home? B. helping visit offices in DC? A/B

    3. Would you DONATE to help us fund this plan to bring in activists, leaders, and organizations from across America who are being abused by Silicon Valley robber barons? Y/N?

    4. We are looking at the dates of A. July 17 & 18 or B. July 24 & 25. Which works best for your schedule? A/B?

    We are getting estimates on the costs associated with such an ambitious national project and believe we could include these expenses in ALIPAC's Current Funds Drive. (View)

    More Info--

    Whether you realize it or not, each of you who has taken the time to join our e-mail alerts, read them, volunteer, or donate to the fight against illegal immigration has had your civil rights violated by Silicon Valley mega corporations Twitter, Facebook, & Google.

    These powerful companies are working to diminish our mutual and organized voices as stealthily as possible, so our energies are expended climbing a hill they never plan to let us reach the top of. It is called Shadow Banning.


    And the reports are coming in from all directions of other writers, leaders, and groups of non-socialists, illegal immigration fighters, Christians, conservatives, non-RINO Republicans, & Trump supporters. Basically, anyone who opposes the national transfiguring agenda of these Silicon Valley power groups is being targeted!

    ALIPAC has taken the brunt of their manipulations because they know how influential we have been. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center called us "highly influential"!

    We want to fight back in a new way now, and we need you to answer this survey to let us know your support level for our plan. Please fill out the survey above and reply to so we can decide.

    The ALIPAC Team

    PS: If you want to see ALIPAC take the national lead in fighting censorship of Americans like us by Democrat billionaires in California, please return our survey with your answers and donate today to show your support for this effort--
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