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Press Release for 1/11/2006

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR), and released a new flyer to the nation today that tells employers how to only hire legal labor and tells employees how to report employers that hire illegal aliens to the authorities.

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Lou Dobbs covered the "Viva Saddam" and Aztlan Separatist movement last night on his CNN Show. Go Lou! You can see the broadcast at the top of the page at

We have the raw footage that was used by CNN on our site at

Video: Viva Saddam Hussein? Go back to Germany? This is Mexico?

MORE URGENT BREAKING NEWS (Please do your best to get these to your local and national media contacts as well as lawmakers)

Homeland Security memo: MS-13 gang hired to murder Border Patrol!

Bush, Vicente Fox Advisor Rob Allyn Tied to Gay and Lesbian Activist Group!

Group (ALIPAC) taking aim at firms with illegal workers! New flyer Campaign!

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