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Thread: Pulse Terrorist Attacker paid by tax funded illegal alien importing company

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    Pulse Terrorist Attacker paid by tax funded illegal alien importing company

    Pulse Terrorist Attacker paid by tax funded illegal alien importing company

    Pictured: Omar Mateen, Orlando Pulse Club Terrorist Shooter & Employee of G4S Department of Homeland Security contractors

    by William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    June 13, 2016

    America has just experienced our most deadly attack on our homeland since 9/11/2004, conducted by a man paid by our own government through the subcontractor G4S, "the leading US Security Company," according to their Google search result listing. There is even a chance that terrorist Omar Mateen's guns and ammunition were purchased with what were originally taxpayer monies put out by the Obama administration to fund buses and vans US citizen activists have tried to stop from bringing illegal immigrants into their communities!

    This attack is the latest in a clearly identifiable series of immigration connected attacks. While the acknowledged gunman Omar Mateen who killed 49 people while injuring more than 50 others at the gay nightclub called The Pulse in Orlando, Florida, was a US Citizen, his parents were non citizen immigrants from Afghanistan.

    But the immigration status of this terrorist gunman is not the main tie to immigration issues, it is what the man said to authorities on the phone and what he did for a living that tells Americans what they need to know about this latest attack.

    Authorities tell us that Omar Mateen called 911 while he was gunning down American citizens, laughing, reloading, and taking hostages. He told authorities that he wanted to declare his allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He also mentioned the Boston Marathon Bombers as part of his inspiration for this attack.

    While the main stream media of America refuses to point to the immigration component that made the Boston Bombing attacks possible, the two brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who conducted that attack, were Muslim "refugees" given asylum in the US by our own government in a way that is identical to the Obama administration's current "refugee resettlement" programs that are proceeding full speed thanks to all the Republicans (click for list) who voted for Obama's Omnibus spending bill last December!

    In fact, with the 2016 elections approaching, our own government is now importing Muslims and the future terrorists among them at unprecedented speed, volume, and risk to American safety and lives! Has everyone noticed that the Obama administration has not mentioned slowing or halting these programs to verify our security can be maintained after an employee of G4S "the leading US Security Company" passed several FBI background checks and subsequent interviews on his way to the mass murder of our citizens?

    Omar Mateen bought his AR-15 rifle, pistol, and ammunition with money he earned as an employee of G4S which receives $234 Million dollars from our own Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contracts which they receive for the stated purpose of helping ID suspected terrorists entering the United States!

    Mateen's US government funded employers also boast that they provide security guards for 90% of America's nuclear facilities, so everyone please stock up on your plastic, duct tape, air filters, and iodine pills for when the next G4S Muslim terrorist employee paid with our own tax dollars decides to infiltrate a nuclear power plant control room or containment building instead of a gay night club!

    As if things could not get any more shocking or tied to the American debate and Political Correctness Paralysis over the issue of illegal immigration, it turns out that Mateen's company is the contractor operating the buses and vans filled with illegal aliens that the Obama administration is busing deep into the interior of our nation!

    For those of you who are not as familiar with our activism efforts at, there is a good chance you missed the important Facebook, Google, and Main Stream Media suppressed and censored stories out of Oracle, AZ, and Murrieta, CA, in 2014 when American citizens like us stood in front of Obama's illegal immigrant carrying buses. (VIDEO) Now we know that those buses were very likely being paid for or driven by Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen's employer!

    Since brave Americans on the ground in Oracle and Murietta and activists in our networks, physically preventing Obama from busing dangerous illegal aliens that were unscreened for gang or terrorist affiliations and deadly communicable diseases into their towns, a new strategy was initiated using smaller unmarked vans to carry these future Democrat Party voters and activists to their new homes.

    The Obama administration is clearly trying to import Muslims, illegal immigrants, and anyone from around the Globe who has an alien viewpoint contrary to the dominant European and Greco-Roman lineage the American nation was founded on and sustained by for more than 200 years. These illegal immigrants and Muslims are being quickly enveloped by the socialist state with free clothing, housing, food, transportation, health care, education, and cell phones.

    The plan is clear that they want to import these invaders and give them everything they could possibly want or need without earning it at the expense of the taxes, property, health, safety, security, and lives of Americans so they can be counted on to elect socialist Democrats into permanent political dominance. These illegals and Muslims can also be called upon to defend the socialist state from any political force that would threaten their hegemony and their future plans to fully disarm American citizens in a way similar to the full gun confiscation that has occurred in England and Australia.

    Violating the Bill of Rights, ending the Second Amendment, and confiscating guns from your American neighbors is truly a "job Americans won't do," but hordes of illegal aliens and Muslim refugees empowered by the feds would do.

    Omar Mateen passed two FBI background clearance checks as well as multiple FBI investigations after coworkers reported his violent comments and while evidence was found that Mateen was a Muslim radical no actions were taken against him. This is probably because there is a clear pattern of favoritism and protection for radical Muslims like the Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan.

    Can the signs that our own government has been compromised by many enemies of America including violent Muslims become any clearer?

    Now you can see why retired Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney is warning Americans on the nationally syndicated Laura Ingraham show that the Muslim Brotherhood has fully infiltrated our US security agencies!

    I hope that members of the good media resources at Breitbart, World Net Daily, Infowars, Daily Caller, Washington Times, and Drudge Report will dig deeper on these facets of this story to determine if terrorist Omar Mateen actually worked with any illegal immigrants or Muslim refugees as part of his job for our "leading US Security Company" G4S?

    The Daily Caller is reporting that G4S let this terrorist freely talk about killing people at work because they were afraid of being politically incorrect and that the FBI called off the investigation because they thought his coworkers were just being racist against Muslim!

    After this historic attack and breach of America's national security, all current G4S contracts should be immediately terminated, and Congressional investigations into the the people within our own government and subcontractor firms that have protected and facilitated terrorists like Mateen should be launched immediately.

    If terrorist Omar Mateen's AR-15 and hand gun used to murder 49 people were purchased with monies he received via the US taxpayer funds distributed by the Obama administration, this would be the latest "Obama Gun" used to murder US citizens!

    Just look at the other recent killings that all track back to the Obama administration or one of Obama's agencies like the FBI including the murders committed by Dylann Roof and the murders of Kate Steinle and Border Patrol agent Bryan Terry!

    The Charleston murders were allegedly committed by Dylann Roof who was allowed to buy a gun by the when current laws should have prevented him from buying the handgun used in the murders because of his criminal record and admitted use of illicit and psychiatric drugs. While the Obama admin failed to enforce the laws that would prevent Dylann Roof from buying a gun, the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton say the proper reaction to the killings is more gun controls!

    Kate Steinle was murdered in front of her father on a pier in the sanctuary city of San Francisco by an illegal alien who had been deported five times, convicted of several felonies, but conducted the murder with a federal agent's .40 caliber handgun. The Obama administration blames the murder on Republican failures to pass immigration reform amnesty for illegal aliens like they wanted, when in truth the Obama administration's failure to adequately secure our borders contributed to Steinle's death!

    Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered by illegal immigrants wielding assault weapons from among the thousands of AK-47s and Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifles that the Obama administration used taxpayer monies and six different federal agencies to provide to drug cartels in the Fast and Furious Scandal.

    Once again the trail leads back to our own government just as it did after 9/11/2001 when our government let a conspiracy the size of an elephant dance through our so-called national security! Field agent warnings were ignored as elements within the highest level of our own government failed to protect us from the student visa immigrants from Saudi Arabia that killed more than 3,000 citizens on that terrible day. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, US Senate offices and media offices were attacked by weapons grade anthrax. Our government lied to us claiming that the anthrax cases were not a biological weapons attack! They claimed they were "natural occurrences"!

    Turns out the anthrax that was sent through the US mail system was a strain of anthrax developed in US laboratories in the 1950's (The Ames Strain) and that the last packages mailed had anthrax that had been made more likely to stay airborne using a process specific to the US military.

    I was the first, if not among the first, American blogger to correctly announce the Anthrax cases of 2001 were indeed a bio weapons attack and I published this news on my now defunct website called The Greenville Report.

    Our own government failed us immensely in regards to the 9/11 and Anthrax attacks, and to this day no government employee has been fired, disciplined, or charged for their failures be they accidental or intentional. In fact, those who failed us in our own government were rewarded for their failures with more power and more money than any other government has ever received in the history of mankind!

    Can you imagine what your own salary would look like if you were rewarded with more power and money for failing at your job?

    American activists and media are encouraged to dig deeper into these government failures and complicity in US terror attacks and atrocities committed by Muslims radicals and illegal immigration!

    ALIPAC is calling on Congress to suspend all current G4S contracts and launch immediate congressional investigations while ending Obama's unlawful and unconstitutional illegal alien and Muslim refugee resettlement programs in today's national press release today titled "Orlando Terror Attack Funded By US Government Funds for Illegals"
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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