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    Question: Do you feel Bush should be impeached?

    Supporters of ALIPAC:

    Our organization, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, has no official position on the Presidency of George Bush. We have always respected the fact that many Republicans and Conservatives continue to support the President although they strongly disagree with his failure to secure the border and enforce our existing immigration laws.

    Many of our supporters feel this is severe breech of his oath of office and the requirements of the US Constitution. The US Constitution, Article 4, says that all states will be protected from invasion. Another tenant of the Constitution explains that Congress will set a uniform immigration policy that the President has the responsibility of enforcing. These laws and many others are clearly not being enforced.

    For those of you that feel the President should not be impeached and for those of you that do, we have set up a poll on our website where you can vote and leave comments. Each voter may only leave one comment on this topic.

    We ask that only ALIPAC financial contributors vote in this poll and anyone that does not feel they have properly looked into this issue abstain from voting. Several of our online activists that use the Discussion Groups regularly have begun the voting process. These are the people that are heavily immersed in the news coming in from around the nation about the death and destruction caused by illegal immigration.

    Here at ALIPAC, we want to do our best to represent your feelings about illegal immigration issues to the Congress. We also want to have the broadest and most diverse support base we can muster.

    Once again, we do not support or oppose the impeachment of George Bush at this time, but we do feel we should poll our supporters to see where we are at as an organization.

    You may vote and post a comment at the following link. If you do not have an account on the website yet, you will need to make one. If you have trouble accessing your old account, please reply to this message.

    Background Articles on President George Bush and illegal immigration.

    Poll: Should immigration groups call for congressional investigations or impeachment?

    Hearing from you helps us do our job better.

    We can't make it without your support. Please support our efforts today by contributing at.... ... page&pid=9
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    Impeach for the sake of impeaching?

    who will replace him? more of the same?

    even if we vote him out of office, and even if the Democrats get the
    White House, NOTHING will change.... in fact Democrats are MUCH WORSE than Republicans....

    If it weren't for House Republicans, NOTHING AT ALL would have been done! thanks T Tancredo for HR4437...

    I VOTE FOR VOTING ALL CURRENT OFFICEHOLDERS OUT OF OFFICE... no matter what their party affiliation and we should keep voting INCUMBENTS OUT until they understand the WILL OF THE PEOPLE...
    conservative is but a liberal after a dose of reality...

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    My sentiments are essentially the same as Pokies. It is obvious that the entire Federal Government has some stupid reason for wanting 20 million illegal aliens and more on the way in this country. I do, however, believe that the only PROVEABLE reason to impeach is the invasion of our borders. But the fact remains that if the Senate moves to impeach they have to realize that the guilt is shared equally because I don't see any of them getting up off their rear ends to stop it.
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