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    Re: LaRaza Sotomayor

    Quote Originally Posted by Kingsman42sc
    I signed petitions and let my senators know I did not want this unqualified bigot confirmed. Lindsay Graham was determined to vote for her though. It is a great day for La Raza, the illegals, the liberals who believe we ought to unite Mexico, Canada, and USA into one nation. The language would likely be Spanish since English seems to be falling out of fashion.

    The Constitution of the United States is going to be further eroded as Sotomayor and her pals dismantle it bit by bit.

    Welcome, folks, to the Union of Socialist States of America (USSA).
    The administration believes people are mad about the push for nationalized health care. The people you voted in office don't believe they have to fear the public at all. Everything will stay the same that you will vote them back in. Recent clips say otherwise!

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    change CONGRESS....

    WE NEED TO GET RID OF SENATORS with more than 6 years seniority. This government is becoming a tyranny.

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    Just another slippery slope into socialism and activism judges. If the American people do not keep up the pressure, all the older people like myself will be dead soon and we won't have to worry about Comrade Obama.

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    Don't give up!

    Don't let this setback stop us! That's exactly what Obama wants! He wants us demoralized and beaten. I say to hell with that! We need to fight back and fight back hard!! I've already called Harkin, a so called senator from Iowa, and gave the poor staffer hell! I called Senator Grassely and thanked him for doing the right thing. I called the White House comment line and told the poor staffer that no matter what Obama says or does he will NOT intimidate me! I sent an email to the snitch services @ and self reported.

    Don't give up! Keep fighting! GET IN THEIR FACES!!!!!

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    This utterly disgusts me! If a white male judge would have made the same racist, sextist comments that Sotomayer did, Hispanics woud have gone balistic. Far too many of them are ethnocentric, hypocrites. Is this the future for our country with them possibly becoming the majority in this country? It will be the end of America as we know it then.

    We must stop any amnesty push or the above will be the norm for our country in the future.

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    I'm sorry and ashamed that this has hapened. Both Florida Seators Martinez, and Nelson need to be replaced. Martinez is a bum but he's sneaky. Nelson is just a dirt-ball puppet of Obongo and just spit it back in my face how qualified he felt that racist (Sotomayor) was for the job.

    I did make some efforts but until we get rid of the trash we have in our political offices we are doomed.

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    It is absolutely disgusting that this woman was chosen, not because she is the most qualified, but because she is an "empathetic Latino woman" who will do her best to rule for her "own" people.

    Obama is a wicked man and his chosen people are ready to turn our great nation into just another 3rd world country.
    RIP Butterbean! We miss you and hope you are well in heaven.-- Your ALIPAC friends

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    Pandering wins again. Some of those who voted for Sotomayor simply caved to the whims of the special interest groups. Forget the American people, what is best for our nation, and let's just be part of a new "first." We have a "first" with Mr. Obama and a "first" with Sotomayor. Somehow I don't think these firsts are what is best for our nation. But, too many people and politicians just want to be a part of the new crowd.

    Ephesians 4:32
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    What a disgraceful disappointment ,.. not surprising with this corrupt congress...

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    Sotomayer and the Supreme Court

    It is a sad day for America with the senate voting Sotomayer into the supreme court !! As I write I have tears in My eyes thinking about the direction this Great Country has taken!! Now more than ever WE MUST fight against any type of amnasty for the illegal aliens who have become Border Criminals by sneaking into OUR Country and then Demanding "Rights"!!! They have "NO RIGHTS" but OUR President thinks He can shove anything down OUR throats and We will take it !! I, for one, am all for a Fight, the sooner the better !!! ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT NOT AMNESTY !!!

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