Battle for NC Team,

Sorry for the short notice, but we have been advised that the Asheville
City Council will consider several ordinances tonight directed at illegal

Action Item #1

We need as many well dressed citizens as possible to attend the meeting
and ask the Council to pass any and all resolutions they can to address
illegal immigration, specifically empower Asheville police to enforce
immigration law. We know that over 81% of the public supports this
according to Zogby polls. WE NEED PEOPLE IN THE ROOM TO SPEAK UP!

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Action Item #2

We need immediate calls, calls, calls, and e-mail to the Ashville city
council members asking them to pass this measure. Remember, e-mails help
but it takes about 10 e-mails to equal the effectiveness of one call.

We have prepared a list of the news about tonight's meeting and the
contact info for the Council at this link below. Let's all swing into
action together!


I will be on the Matt Mittan Show in Asheville at 3pm today to stir up

Let's show em what ALIPAC can do folks!

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC