ALIPAC Activists:

Yes it is a Friday and yes many of you are about to leave work and grab a beer that is NOT produced by Miller Brewing Company, but we need your help!

Duane 'Dog' Chapman, aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, has been arrested by federal agents to be extradited to Mexico for dragging a serial rapist back to justice in the US. This is ironic since there are over 3,000 fugitives wanted for murder in the United States that MEXICO will not extradite to us! Once again, the Executive Branch of our government is working to help law breakers more than our own citizens, law enforcement and Border Patrol.

Please launch into action with us to help Dog and his family during their time of need. Dog deserves to be released and given a medal, not deported to face the corrupt authorities in Mexico where he will not receive a fair trial and will face extreme danger in their prison system.

Full Details and Activist Instructions at
FOCUS CAMPAIGN: Help Duane 'Dog' Chapman avoid extradition! ... ic&t=41078


So Long, Texas - Hello, Mexico!
The Illegal Immigration Song

If you have not heard this song yet, you are in for a real treat. ALIPAC is working with Johnny Tex and the Texicans to take this regional hit national!

We hope you enjoy the song and will help us as an activist to get this on the air in your state!

FOCUS CAMPAIGN: Help Johnny Tex and the Texicans! ... ic&t=41096


ALIPAC & Friends on the AIR today!

Our friend and noted author Jan Herron will be on the George Putnam Show today talking about the Miller Beer Boycott Coalition and You can listen in to the Show at 2PM Mountain time via this link...

ALIPAC's William Gheen will be on Kevin Shannon's Show 'The Right Source" Tonight at 6PM EST / 9PM PST.

Jason Mrochek of FIRE Coalition is filling in for Shannon. FIRE Coalition, ALIPAC, and The Kevin Shannon Show are all core members of the Miller Boycott.

The show will be lively and entertaining to say the least!

We will be discussing our efforts to Release Dog The Bounty Hunter, our efforts to promote the song So Long, Texas - Hello, Mexico!, and the Miller Boycott.

You can listen in and call in online via...

You can post comments and feedback for William and Jason to read before, during, and after the show by posting at this link ... 576#216576

Thank you for your continued support!

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

PS: Help us to help Dog, promote the Miller Boycott, and distribute the illegal immigration song by making a donation soon via ... page&pid=9