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Thread: Republicans & Obama Against Roy Moore give America To The Socialists Permanently

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    Republicans & Obama Against Roy Moore give America To The Socialists Permanently

    Republicans & Obama Against Roy Moore Could give America To The Socialists Permanently

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    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    December 13, 2017

    It wasn't Steve Bannon that cost Republicans a Senate seat in Alabama as the GOP establishment contends. Mr. Bannon was on the ground fighting tooth and nail to elect Judge Roy Moore while Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Chief of Staff John Kelly, Matt Drudge, and Senator Richard Shelby threw Moore under the bus and effectively helped Obama and the Democrats elect Doug Jones by suppressing Republican turnout levels.

    The special election in Alabama was lost due to turnout wars where Democrats used their divisive identity politics and the claimed sex scandals to get strong percentages of their voters to show up. And while the main stream media and Democrats are not good at suppressing GOP turnout, trusted Republican sources like Fox News, Matt Drudge, and Senator Richard Shelby can and did exercise their power by betraying their own supporters to suppress Republican voters!

    What just happened in Alabama with Judge Roy Moore's narrow loss to Democrat Doug Jones has set the stage for possible catastrophic results for Republicans and America. While I do not predict these outcomes, I must point out that unless Americans figure out what to do quickly, the internal war within the GOP between establishment Republicans like McConnell and Ryan, who are aligned with Democrats against the Republican base, and those who would elect more Trumpesque candidates from the base now risk throwing the U.S. House and Senate to the Democrats.

    Now, while many Americans would consider this to be a temporary condition that could be rectified in future elections, that may not be the case because if Democrats sweep the nation in November of 2018, they will also likely wrest control of many state legislatures from Republicans as well. Such a sweep on top of the 2020 census and subsequent redistricting means Democrats will draw Republicans out of the competition in many states for the next decade!

    And in the next decade, the tens of millions of illegal aliens in America will have a very strong probability of handing permanent control of our U.S. elections and government to far left Democrat socialists through their current patterns of illegal voting or as U.S. citizens once given DACA, Dream Act, and Comprehensive Amnesty!

    The deep divisions within the GOP just showed how deep down the cracks go with lawmakers like Senator Richard Shelby and pundits like Matt Drudge joining Fox News and Obama to thwart the conservative uprising that once elected Donald Trump and that tried to elect Judge Roy Moore to replace Jeff Sessions in Alabama.

    Everyone will say that Alabama was lost to the Democrats because Roy Moore was a flawed candidate who dawdled with young women too often in his 30s. But such a simplistic explanation ignores the true cancer racing towards terminal stage 4 inside the conservative, populist, and nationalist-leaning movements in America.

    The type of unsubstantiated and unprovable non-criminal allegations hurled at Roy Moore can be manufactured and used against anyone in America. To accept that Roy Moore was guilty of breaking laws involving sexual conduct with minors is to accept that the Democratic Party, DC insiders like Mitch McConnell, and the mega-corporation media in America such as Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN are now judge and jury in our nation.

    No non-socialist defendant can prevail in the new courts of the American media which called it wrong on Donald Trump, Trayvon Martin, the Duke Lacrosse Team, Ferguson, Missouri's "Hands Up Don't Shoot" incident, and many others! Today's large corporation global media is much more interested in power and control than the truth or journalistic integrity, and they won big time in Alabama.

    And when you look at how Fox News, Matt Drudge of Drudge Report, Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), Mitch McConnell, and many other Republicans quickly joined ranks with the media and Barack Obama to prevent a true political outsider like Roy Moore from reaching Washington, you can see a true recipe for disaster for non-socialists in the 2018 elections.

    The wreckage and fallout from 2018 could become so devastating that it could usher in a new century for the American left to pursue every totalitarian intolerance they ever dreamed of against their opponents.

    The DC establishment won in Alabama, and in 2018 Republicans are not going to energize or turn out for Trump nor Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. By throwing water on the populist and nationalist fire that was rising in our nation to try to save America, the elites and their recent converts like Drudge and Shelby may be out to stifle the only political force that could save America from complete and permanent socialist dominance, Amnesty, full gun confiscations, and God knows what else they have in mind for the millions of us who will resist!

    Take a look at some of these shocking factors that contributed to the 50% turnout of Republicans vs 92% turnout of Democrats compared to the 2016 election during the special election in Alabama December 12, 2017.

    Senator Richard Shelby & Col. Lee Busby Write-In Campaigns To Thwart Moore

    Alabama Senator Richard Shelby is currently on ALIPAC's list of endorsed candidates, but he will not remain there for long because we plan to drop him very vocally in the coming weeks. We originally supported Senator Shelby because in the past he voted against Amnesty plans for illegal aliens in Washington.

    But in more recent times, Shelby has joined the DC establishment on immigration issues, and his immigration report card with our friends at NumbersUSA has dropped from an A- to a C- in the 2017 Congress because of his new support for the cheap labor lobby. It appears Richard Shelby has joined the DC Swamp dark side on immigration matters and is no longer interested in defending American jobs, taxpayer resources, and lives from the negative impacts of illegal immigration and hyper legal immigration.

    In Alabama, Senator Shelby publicly fought against Roy Moore and led a write-in campaign to divert tens of thousands of GOP voters away from Moore in order to throw the race to the Democrat Doug Jones. Analysts are saying that Shelby's plan worked very well and accomplished the mission he shared with Obama, McConnell, Fox News, and Matt Drudge.

    Shelby's write-in campaign was aided by Retired Marine Col. Lee Busby, who also worked to defeat Roy Moore and throw the race to the Democrats. Busby is an old school ally and coworker of Trump's DHS Secretary and now Chief of Staff General John Kelly! And while Busby assures the media he has not spoken with John Kelly in five years, it is highly likely that John Kelly helped organize Busby's plot to throw the election either directly or via proxies. So the betrayals in Alabama lead back to Republicans in the U.S. Senate and the White House under Trump!

    Trump's Endorsement is Toxic

    During Donald Trump's campaign, he was under no obligation to endorse any other candidate, yet he endorsed pro-Amnesty DC swamp creatures like Senator John McCain and Paul Ryan. And when he endorsed them he hurt great American patriots who were running like Paul Nehlen and Dr. Kelli Ward. Trump betrayed his own base and endorsed the swamp!

    And in many cases, Trump's endorsement has not only been misplaced but either showed no impact or contributed to a loss! He endorsed pro-Amnesty Rep. Renee Ellmers in my home state of North Carolina, and she lost her seat!

    In fact, the last three people Donald Trump has endorsed have all lost their races, and they are Ed Gillespie, Luther Strange, and now Roy Moore.

    While Donald Trump may have carried Alabama with 68% of the vote, that was in a general election full of soft voters and not a special election that comes down to turnout wars where the Republican base must mobilize.

    Trump no longer has the level of support he once had among the GOP base primarily because of his campaign flip-flop and betrayal on Amnesty for illegal aliens, which he opposed during his campaign but now supports as he pressures Congress to pass Obama's unconstitutional DACA Amnesty orders into law through legislation!

    Gallup Daily polling shows that Trump's disapproval levels have steadily grown throughout 2017 while his approval ratings have consistently shrunk! More than 60% of Americans now disapprove of Trump while only around 35% still approve of him due to his reversals on key issues like illegal immigration and Amnesty, his failure to repeal Obamacare, and his insistence on appointing many pro-Amnesty DC and Bush administration insiders his own base sought to rebuke and avoid by electing Trump.

    The Roy Moore campaign eagerly promoted and focused on Trump's renewed interest in his campaign in the run-up to December 12, and in doing so may have applied a toxic effect on GOP base voter turnout.

    If you are running as a Republican in 2018, and you want to win your race, avoiding an endorsement from President Donald Trump is in your best interest while his disapproval ratings remain over 60%. If Trump wants to help candidates, he should send money their way and let them run their races instead of trying to be the star of every show.

    Matt Drudge & Fox News Turn on Their Own Supporters

    One of the most shocking betrayals in the Alabama race between Roy Moore and Doug Jones was the fact that both Matt Drudge of the highly influential Drudge Report website and Fox News betrayed their supporters to back and elect Democrat Doug Jones.

    Insider sources have told me that Matt Drudge is an enemy of Steve Bannon and has forged alliances with Jared Kushner's liberal wing of the Trump administration. Drudge Report rarely caries Breitbart articles anymore due to this schism, and word is Drudge worked with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to evict Steve Bannon from his role in the White House. That combined with differences over gay rights issues may explain why Drudge Report was calling Judge Roy Moore "Judge Whore," and on election day the he,adlines read "Brokeback Election" beneath a picture of Roy Moore on a horse. Was this a signal that Matt Drudge's opinions on homosexual issues were leading him to back Doug Jones and betray the very conservatives that made Drudge Report into an internet superstar?

    Did Matt Drudge choose to join the identity politics of Democrats against a Christian conservative like Roy Moore?

    Matt Drudge's conversion to the side of the DC establishment and joining of the DC Swamp and the likes of Jared Kushner bodes ill for Americans who would oppose Amnesty for illegal aliens and any other form of socialist tyranny. By helping Fox News, Mitch McConnell, Senator Richard Shelby, and Obama sink Roy Moore, Drudge may have sealed his own future and those who have supported his site for years like me. If the socialists get their takeover because of his actions, they will come for him eventually too!

    Fox News widely reported a bogus poll claiming that Doug Jones was going to win the race by ten percent points just hours before polls opened in Alabama! Many countries have laws that prohibit these kinds of ambush polls trying to influence elections in the days before the vote, perhaps America needs a new law like that to protect our elections from large corporations like Fox News and others.

    The Fox News poll was obviously "Fake News" because the race outcome shows us the race was close and the Real Clear Politics average of polls that are considered the most accurate in these matters showed Roy Moore winning the race by several percentage points or tied.

    The goal of the bogus Fox News poll was to signal Republican voters in Alabama that they need not show up on election day because Roy Moore was going to lose by a large margin and the turnout rates between Democrats and Republicans in the race showing that voter suppression tactic worked!

    And before the fake poll claiming Moore would lose by ten points was floated on election eve by Fox News, they had their main pollster Frank Luntz on the ground doing all he could to lead his "focus group" away from Roy Moore as you can see in this video! (View Frank Luntz bias video)

    Frank Luntz's antics in Alabama were as dispicable as his attempts to convince viewers Trump had destroyed his election chances after the first Fox News debate where Trump was attacked by debate moderator Megyn Kelly and they sent Luntz on afterwards to try to seal the deal.

    Matt Drudge and Fox News joined with Obama, Senator Shelby, and Mitch McConnell to suppress conservative voters in Alabama, and in so doing, may have set off a cascade effect that could put Democrats in power in 2018 right on top of the 2020 census results, which would allow them to redraw Congressional districts in a way that will destroy the GOP forevermore through the new districts and their new army of tens of millions of illegal aliens given Amnesty and voting rights.

    While numerous Fox News guests have been bashing Roy Moore as a "kook," Matt Drudge, who rarely uses his Twitter account @Drudge posted a gloating tweet bashing Roy Moore this morning! Matt Drudge quickly deleted after facing significant backlash on social media! Here is a copy of it recovered from The Hill article documenting the tweet. (View Source)

    It is clear to this observer that Matt Drudge and Drudge Report are part of a coordinated campaign with Fox News and probably Jared Kushner to further defame Roy Moore as being "crazy."

    It wasn't the media that defeated Moore; it was other Republicans

    In closing, we can see that it was not the "liberal media" and Democrats like Obama who defeated Roy Moore, it was other Republicans breaking almost every rule of civility and respect for elections to stop Moore from reaching Washington, DC.

    And in doing so, they have set off a chain of events designed to stop Steve Bannon's planned revolt within the GOP in 2018 to protect the DC status quo.

    In their eagerness to retain power for their kind of pro-Amnesty DC establishment sellout Republicans who are as bad as the Democrats, Washington power players like Mitch McConnell, Richard Shelby, Matt Drudge, Fox News, and even elements within the Trump White House who are aligned with John Kelly, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner are celebrating their victory over Roy Moore and the Republican base today.

    But their smiles may be short-lived because their actions and skullduggery have now created a situation where the Republican Party and all of America may soon spiral past the point of no return into a big blue socialist century in American politics where totalitarianism and violence backed by the state will be used to oppress the tens of millions of Americans who tried to regain control of Washington by electing Trump in 2016.
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    Please read this article carefully and help us circulate it by circulating our press release, using email and social media. America needs to know who betrayed the Republican base in Alabama yesterday and what the far-reaching consequences could be.


    Key Republicans Who Elected Doug Jones in Alabama Named

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    Very well written article. I couldn't have articulated my feelings any better if I had written them myself.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    Excellent. Thank you William.

    Drudge appears to be a Roy Moore hater as he pushes more leftist liberal news from his site, He also appears to be at war with or in a competition with Steve Bannon and Breitbart.
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Steve Bannon did all he could to elect Roy Moore while Republicans like Mitch McConnell did the most from inside GOP battle lines to defeat him and elect a Democrat whom they feel will be more of a team player with the status quo in DC.

    While the influence of the sexual allegations certainly played a strong role, McConnell was one of the first lawmakers in America to try to scuttle Moore's campaign from the inside and give credibility to the allegations by dropping his Super PAC support within hours of the first allegations filled article by the Washington Post.

    Yes, I believe there is widespread dissatisfaction with McConnell and Ryan and McConnell's efforts to elect a Democrat in Alabama. The perception is that the corrupt special interest groups stay in power in Washington no matter what message the voters try to send.

    Many GOP platforms make it an expellable offense for a Republican lawmaker or party official to back a Democrat as Senators Flake, McConnell, and others did. It would be great if the Republican Party had some real power and could expel these corrupt incumbents for such serious breaches with party platforms and bylaws.

    Both Trump and Moore faced numerous last-minute allegations of sexual misconduct backed by the most intense negative campaigns from media sources the world has ever seen, yet Trump won by a narrow margin, and Moore is behind by a small margin at last count in the Alabama race.

    The DC elites want to blame Bannon because they fear him and the populist voters who elected Trump, and they want both to go away so the one-party system of corruption in DC can continue unabated.

    William Gheen
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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