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Thread: Restarting our engines for a political revolution in 2014!

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    Restarting our engines for a political revolution in 2014!

    American Patriots,

    Here at ALIPAC we are restarting our engines. The homepage updates have resumed at and activists like you are bringing in more news about the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion of America to our archives in the Forums section.

    We have experienced a big surge in new supporters on our e-mail list and social media. For those of you who are new please make sure you are on more than one contact source from us (see below) since Facebook or Google may knock us off their services at any time in an attempt to quell the political revolt we intend to help lead in 2014!

    If you want real change in America, you have come to the right place!

    We are Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee or ALIPAC for short. While we honor our legal immigrants and existing border and immigration laws, a majority of our supporters favor reductions in all immigration levels from our current unsustainable levels.

    Illegal immigration can be stopped and reversed if we can restore constitutional governance in America where our elections matter and the Executive Branch enforces the laws those we elect to Congress to have passed.

    Currently, the vast majority of our existing immigration and border laws are grossly underenforced despite the pretences by the Bush and Obama administrations.

    Somewhere between 12-20 million illegal aliens roam the nation freely with little to no fear of immigration law enforcement. More than 9 million of these illegals have jobs that Americans and legal immigrants desperately need and the illegals are soaking the American taxpayers for more than 125 Billion a year in stolen taxpayer resources.

    Many of you have joined us because you are wise enough to see the rising danger posed by open borders, forced economic and political union, and illegal immigration.

    Many of you have joined us because you have already paid a heavy price to the invasion and lost the life of a loved one, lost a job, encountered a degraded taxpayer or medical resource, or have seen your community overrun by 3rd world invaders who could care less about your laws, rights, principles, traditions, or well being.

    ALIPAC is under intense observation and attack by million dollar budget groups being funded by billionaire George Soros who is a destroyer of currencies and nations!

    Their focus is on us because they know we are right over the target and that our messages and strategies are the greatest threats to their efforts to overthrow the American Republic with an illegal alien invasion. One carefully designed to displace and replace Americans in jobs, homes, and elections!

    In approximately 48 hours you will receive a call to activism on our strategy to see historic change in the 2014 election cycle. The most important time will be from now until the filing period closes in less than 2 months!

    Please review all the different ways you can communicate with ALPAC and make sure you are on at least 2 of these in case the enemies of America attempt to disrupt our link with you again.

    This is America's last chance. We must get it right in 2014 and nothing short of a full scale peaceful and political revolution will do.

    Let's roll Americans!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team (join our email alerts) (sign our petition against amnesty)
    and join us on social media at...
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