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Thread: Retribution Time for Democrat Open Borders & Amnesty

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    Retribution Time for Democrat Open Borders & Amnesty

    Retribution Time for Democrat Open Borders & Amnesty
    Americans rally to Save The Nation

    For National Release | August 2, 2022

    Share this call to action and press release by email and social media at (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE)

    Democrat Amnesty plans for millions of illegals are falling apart in DC as all eyes turn to the Tuesday, November 2, 2022, midterm elections in 100 days, where angry Americans are marching into the election to attempt to Save The Nation!

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( activists have fought hard to stop DC Amnesty legislation in 2022 and are now calling members of the US Congress to explain,

    "We are coming for every lawmaker who supports Amnesty for illegals in the 2022 elections. You have betrayed the nation and your oaths to uphold the Constitution and protect our states from invasion. There is blood on your hands from the mass atrocities committed against countless innocent Americans by your invading army of illegal aliens, which you have inspired and facilitated!" Said William Gheen, spokesman for

    ALIPAC is rallying financial, volunteer, and voter support for more than 50 endorsed federal candidates who have been outspoken in their opposition to illegal immigration and Amnesty while simultaneously advocating for the removal of every Democrat possible from office.

    The Democrat Party has become extreme and the party of open borders and illegal immigration. Democrats support non-citizens and illegal immigrants registering, voting, and stealing US elections which they see as their key to permanent control of America. (View Evidence Collection Point)

    Many Republicans also serve the elite financial and political powers behind the invasion of America, and ALIPAC has them listed on the Cantor List, leading many GOP lawmakers to lose their seats or be pushed out of office for running afoul of the super-majority of Republicans who oppose Amnesty and open-borders.

    For more information, to schedule interviews, or join the fight to throw corrupt open-borders politicians out of office in the 2022 elections, please visit

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    Illegal aliens are present in this country without being duly authorized to be here. Would any pro amnesty/open border member of Congress want anyone present in the house they own without being duly authorized to be there? I seriously doubt it! There are no two sides to this issue. It is incontrovertible. Arguing that an illegal alien has a right to be present in our country makes no more sense than trying to dispute the old saying that what goes up must come down.
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    They are not duly authorized to be here, and they certainly should not be eligible to receive one dime of taxpayer money, attend our schools, or receive any free healthcare, or benefits BEFORE they are authorized to be here and have had their case heard, rejected, denied, or approved. They have no right to our benefits.

    They should apply back home, get vetted, medical exam, be able to provide for themselves, and hear the case via Skype. They should not step foot on our soil, and they can relocate within their own countries. They are their presidents responsibility.
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